The Beginner’s Guide To SEO: 4 Things You Can Do Now

The Beginner's Guide To SEO: 4 Things You Can Do Now - Bloguettes


The Beginner's Guide To SEO - Bloguettes: If you have a blog or biz, you need to know SEO. We're breaking down keywords, plugins, meta descriptions, & other SEO basics specifically for beginners!

You are an entrepreneur. You are busy doing all of the things: building relationships, writing content, self-care, events, social media, live stories, building your brand.

In addition to building a social media empire, you must have a search optimization strategy in place. At its most basic, search engine optimization (or SEO) is a technique to increase the number of visitors to your website by being found by search engines.

You might have heard that SEO is intense or difficult or expensive or that it requires a complex site reconstruction. This can all be true if you want to rank high for short keywords like, “hotels” or “mattress” as these keywords are nearly impossible to rank for without a heroic effort. However, if you want to be found for a phrase like “high end wedding photographer Leesburg, Virginia,” you can rank very high on the Google Search Results Page (SERP) by doing the very basics of SEO.

These SEO basics are important whether you are a brand new business or if you have been around a while. It is never too early nor too late to get started with these SEO fundamentals.  

Do Keyword Research

Know who your audience is and write for them. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to see which keywords to target and which topics are trending within your niche. Find keywords that are both popular and competitive and write posts that contain these keywords. If your location is important to your business be sure to use those in your copy. One of the most important areas to use keywords is in your headlines, be sure to use keywords in all of your headlines.

Write Often

Write compelling, interesting, generous, helpful content that your raving fans will want to read and share. Use images, videos, links, lists, giphys and other forms of media that will make the content interesting. The longer, more keyword-filled content the better. Each new blog post created is an opportunity to be found by search engines. Also be sure to make the content easy to share, use plugins like Click to Tweet and SumoMe to make it easy for your readers to share.

Stand Out with Onsite SEO

Once you have written swoon-worthy copy, format your post for search engines. The easiest way to have killer on-page SEO is to download a Plugin like YOAST which will walk you through all of the necessary steps. If you don’t have the plugin, be sure to include keywords in your headlines, have a concise and memorable URL, have a salesy meta description and include alt tags for all of your images.

Grow a Tribe of Followers

Writing excellent content is the foundation to good SEO, but you also have to promote yourself on social media and have a tribe of followers who link and share your content. The more sites who link to yours, the more juice or authority that Google gives it and the more findable your site will be.

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