The Best Work Apps For Your Side Hustle

The Best Apps For Your Side Hustle - Bloguettes


The Best Apps For Your Side Hustle - Bloguettes: No matter what your side hustle is, we've got the apps to make your biz seamless! Check the apps now!

These days it seems like everyone is balancing multiple jobs and side projects. People who say millennials are lazy have clearly never met the people in our network! Balancing work, a social life, a healthy lifestyle, and a side hustle can be quite challenging. That’s where apps come in. Let’s face it, we already use apps to optimize our entire lives, why not your work too? We have found the best apps for every type of girlboss out there!

For Fashionistas

Any fashion blogger worth their salt has posted dozens of OOTD posts on Instagram. The only problem with these chic photos is that the outfits can start to get pricey. Make some ROI off photos of clothes and accessories by using in your Instagram posts. allows Instagram users to “like” photos captioned with www.liketk.itlinks which then triggers an email to their inbox with the ‘liked’ photo and it’s associated ready-to-shop product description and details. Posters of the photo receive commission when a purchase is made through select retailers or if you have an online shop of your own, you can use this app to direct Instagram followers to your shop.


Go a little overboard on the designer fashion in an attempt to build your brand? Make a little money back by selling your designer goods on Tradesy, a buy-and-sell marketplace for authenticated designer fashion. It’s free to use and you can list as many items for sale as you want. The only cost is to pay 9% commission of sold items. Tradesy makes the process as simple as possible by managing the shipping process. They send sellers a prepaid and pre-addressed shipping kit that you can ship from home.

For Photographers


Most photographers make their money off booking photoshoots, but there are only so many hours of perfect lighting available each day. Foap allows you to make money off your stunning photos without having to find clients and take new photos. You post photos and charge per photo. You can post any type of photo you want, so upload any you have taking space on your hard drive that aren’t going to good use.


MiPic is another app that allows you to sell your photos, but with an interesting twist. Customers can purchase your photographs and print them onto a whole range of items. Unfortunately only iOS users can utilize the app, but anyone can access the service through their website. The photographer will be credited up to 20 percent of the sale price.

For Penny Pinchers


When you start freelancing or running your own business, you are forced into becoming your own accountant. Because of this, you know how quickly business expenses can add up. Ibotta pays you cash to take pictures of your receipts. All you have to do to earn money is take photos of your receipts with the app and upload them for rebates.


RecieptHog works similar to Ibotta except you don’t have to shop at specific retailers or buy anything specific to gain rebates. Take a picture of any receipt and the app will reward you with points that you can redeem for cash! We will admit, points add up slowly but it only takes a few seconds to upload a receipt and we aren’t going to complain about free money!

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