The Best Email Tools for Small Businesses



Sometimes, managing your email inbox is kind of like trying to keep your room organized–it can get a little messy and out of control at times!

If you’re someone who’s constantly reaching out to brands for collaborations, working with clients, or communicating with coworkers via email, this is especially the case. How are you supposed to keep track of all of those emails you send out and know when to follow up?

Luckily, our PR girl Reagan knows a thing or two when it comes to reaching out to brands via email. So, she’s got quite a few tips and tricks up her sleeve when it comes to managing your email inbox! Read along as she shares her 3 go-to email tools that are perfect for managing your small biz!

The Best Email Tools for Small Businesses

Whether you’re sending out emails to potential clients, current clients, or just to your co-workers, being able to see if and when your email was viewed is a game changer. This can tell you when it’s appropriate to follow up! In case you haven’t heard, there are read receipts available for email, and we’ve put a list together of three of our fave email extensions:


Boomerang is a super helpful extension for Gmail users. It allows you to send an email at a later time, receive follow up reminders, and even helps you to craft the perfect email! Just as the name states, a little boomerang icon will appear in the right-hand corner of your browser once it’s been installed. Boomerang is offered as a free extension, but you have the ability to upgrade (which gives you access to additional benefits). However, we think the free version alone is still extremely helpful!

How it Works

Let’s say you were writing an email to a client or a potential partner, and realize it’s 4:45pm and the workday is almost over. Instead of leaving your email in drafts, which you’ll more than likely forget about, you can schedule the email to be sent at a later time.

Boomerang offers a few different options for you such as sending it tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon, and you also have the ability to customize when the email is sent! Plus, when writing an email to that potential partner or client, Boomerang Responsible (which is a built in feature) rates things like your subject length to help improve the overall quality of your email. The only downside is that in order to access the “advanced features,” you have to upgrade to their Pro or Premium plans.

Another great thing about Boomerang is their reminder feature! This feature allows emails to reappear in your inbox if a certain amount of days have passed and there’s no response. It can get hard to keep track of all the emails you sent and who has responded or who hasn’t, so if you’re someone who sends out a lot of emails each day, this feature is super helpful!

Although we use Boomerang for Gmail, they also offer other products such as Boomerang for Outlook, Boomerang Calendar, and inbox pause.

The Best Email Tools for Small Businesses


We tend to share our thoughts out loud here at Bloguettes, and one day I happened to mention I wished there was a tool that allowed you to view when and if someone read your email. Our Senior Developer Crystal proceeded to mention a wonderful thing called Streak! This chrome extension tool allows you to see when someone viewed your email and at what time, plus it shows you how they viewed it (mobile or web). It even locates where the receiver opened the email, not a specific location, but more of general like ‘Glendale, AZ’. However, Streak does way more than providing a read reciept for your email.

How it Works

Streak is essentially a CRM system within your Gmail. The idea for Streak stemmed from the frustration many people face when switching between your inbox and the external CRM system. The CRM feature of Streak allows you to keep everything organized within a pipeline, but also leaves room for customization, ensuring success in landing clients and securing deals.  

Streak also offers a few “email power tools”, as they refer to them. Some of my faves include Snooze, which allows you to put a hold on your inbox filling up, Snippets which allows you to create shortcuts within the email, and View Tracking aka read receipts.

Although you can use Streak for free, in order to use a lot of the features, you will have to upgrade to either their Corporate or Enterprise plan. They do offer a free 14 day trial for their Corporate plan and you can save 10% if you sign up for an annual plan!

The Best Email Tools for Small Businesses
View Tracking
The Best Email Tools for Small Businesses
Snooze Feature
The Best Email Tools for Small Businesses


If you’re not looking for anything more than just a simple read receipt, Mailtrack for Gmail is your perfect tool. This tool is only available for Gmail users, but does integrate with other extensions like Streak and Boomerang! With Mailtrack, whenever an email is sent, two check mark icons will appear on the left hand side of the recipient’s name–one will be green and one will remain greyed out.

How it Works

Mailtrack allows you to see which emails have been read, how long ago, and how many times. Like most extensions, you can pay to be upgraded which typically means you gain to access additional services. The basic plan of Mailtrack offers unlimited tracking but that’s it. Their Pro, Pro Teams, and Enterprise plans provide you with access to much more such as real-time notifications, tracking history, and dashboard, which allows you to filter emails have that been read or not. If you’re looking for a simple extension that allows you to see when your email has been read, the basic plan is all you need!

The Best Email Tools for Small Businesses

What are some of your fave email management tools? We’d love to hear in the comments below! While you’re at it, be sure to give us a follow on Bloglovin’ to keep up with all of our latest tips!

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