The Best Foodstagram Accounts To Follow



Photo by @pheebsfoods

Food is the sole peace maker of the world–it’s the thing that brings people together and establishes friendships! We often find ourselves spending hour after hour scrolling through Instagram feeds full of food. It’s addicting and it takes real self control to not stop and drool!

These Foodstagrammers have really stepped up their game–whether it be top notch photos of beautiful meals, or cute and pleasing aesthetic creations, these food-gurus come out on top. If you’re looking for recipes and inspiration for your next meal, we’ve got the IG accounts for you. These accounts will for sure leave your mouth watering!

@AcouplecooksThese couple of cooks are literally, a cute, adorable couple, who cook! They’re dedicated to cooking real, whole foods, while taking cute pictures along the way! Their grid showcases high quality, beautiful meals, and every few pictures you get a peek into their lives and their cute little one Larson!

@Elleventy: This is a cute baker with an eye for detail! We all wish we could make and set up a cute spread like this one! Her captions are even on par with all the funny and adorable puns she makes. This account is just happiness exploding all over.

@SpoonforkbaconThe account is run by a food stylist and photographer who makes her own original recipes. Her layouts are angled and pieced together to perfection to make your stomach grumble! Soon, you’ll find yourself trying to make every recipe she shares.

@AlexandracooksThis account utilizes a brown and white color pallete which creates a cozy effect that jumps out at you through the screen. You’ll be aching for a cold day to make her delicious bread recipes!

@PheebsfoodsIt’s a rainbow wonderland on this Instagram feed! Every picture is delightfully colorful and filled with unique recipes. You’ll be mesmerized while scrolling through this feed.

@Damn_deliciousChungah Rhee makes mouthwatering meals that will keep you scrolling until you hit the bottom. It’s an addiction!

@Minimalistbaker: According to their bio, this account is dedicated to meals that have ten ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes to prepare and is mostly plant-based. It’s perfect if you’re working on your cooking skills and are on the hunt for healthy alternatives!

@GimmeesomeovenHigh quality pictures of food? Yup. Colorful and playful? Check. Absolutely delicious recipes? You betcha. With all the recipes and videos this account offers, you’ll be cooking up fancy dinners for your family in no time.

@FloatingkitchenYou can’t scroll through this feed and not get hungry. This foodstagrammer from Maine gives you new ideas for recipes through her colorful creations–we’re in love!

@ThewholefooddiaryThe owners of this account, Kiezia and Jared, share their day-to-day eats and always leave us inspired! Every recipe incorporates natural ingredients as well!

@_Foodstories_The account is run by a food stylist and photographer duo, so it’s no wonder why their feed is so appealing. Using mostly dark blue and grey hues, you’ll be sucked into the beautiful world of food!

@Fitmencook: Just like the name says, the page is full of amazing cooking creations! The recipes are nutritious and healthy, and best of all, great tasting! Who said eating healthy can’t be fun?

@New_fork_city: This account takes you all around the big apple to all their favorite and most recommended spots! Next time you find yourself in New York, be sure to check out a few of their suggestions!

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