The Best Free Resources For Learning Code & Web Design

Best Free Resources For Learning Code & Web Design


Bloggers are a multitalented bunch. They can write, take killer photos, and they know how to market themselves like pros. Because bloggers are usually a one-(wo)man operation, they have to learn how to do everything themselves. One area where independence becomes a bit trickier is designing a website.

Many bloggers are forced to settle for an unoriginal design or functionality that doesn’t meet their ideal needs. As the average blogger can’t always afford to pay a web designer, they usually choose between free or inexpensive templates, or learning how to design their website themselves. If you’re ready to take your website into your own hands, there are plenty of free resources that will teach you how to code. We have tested all of these resources ourselves and are breaking down the benefits of each one!


One of the coolest parts about learning to code through Codecademy is the ability to complete entire projects and not just small exercises. Want to learn web design? Their HTML course will take you through the steps of designing well known websites such as Airbnb. If you get stuck on a problem, every subsection of every course has a forum where you can ask questions.


Regret not taking computer science classes while in college? Coursera’s online courses come directly from major universities, many of which offer certificates of completion. Stanford, here we come!


Udemy is an online hub for learning just about anything. While many of the courses charge a fee, there are a select few that teach you how to code for free. The best part about Udemy is that courses are offered by a variety of sources, so check out the numerous reviews first to find which course is the best fit for you.

Kahn Academy

The famed Kahn Academy is one of the originals in online learning and is beloved for good reason. Their step-by-step video tutorials are fun and engaging to watch. You won’t find yourself bored in any of these tutorials and Kahn Academy courses are proven to help engage students and improve learning.

If you don’t know which languages to start with, go with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Need a short cut? Dive into the open source world! Expert coders and major companies release some of their code for free use in the form of a library. Try a CSS library released by Twitter called Bootstrap or for more interactive features, try jQuery.

P.S. Whenever you take an online course in anything, make sure to keep any certificates of completion and add your new skills to your LinkedIn profile and resume!

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