The Best Newsletters For Entrepreneurs

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The Best Newsletters For Entrepreneurs - Bloguettes: Entrepreneurs are bursting with ideas. To keep those ideas bubbling & bursting, here are some of our favorite newsletters for entrepreneurs!

The word entrepreneur might as well be synonymous with the word busy. Running your own business does not leave a lot of downtime, which is why a newsletter that will keep you updated on the latest industry news and send you amazing advice is a perfect addition to your inbox! Here are some of our favorite newsletters for entrepreneurs!

The Newsletter Lineup


The name of Entrepreneur magazine says it all. They have a variety of newsletters available on different days of the week; subscribe to one of them or all of them. Starting a Business on Monday, Sales & Marketing on Tuesday, Growth & Leadership on Wednesday, Money & Finance on Thursday, and This Week in Social Media on Friday. For a daily fix check out Entrepreneur Now. To end your week, check out Best of the Week every Friday.


Every good entrepreneur needs to know how to market themselves and there is no better resource for marketing tips than HubSpot. Their blog about marketing and sales is an amazing resource for entrepreneurs with a variety of resources such as printables, ebooks, studies, infographics and more. You can sign up for a marketing, sales or agency newsletter. Or all three!


Serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan shares some of his secrets to success in his newsletter OkDork. He started two multi-million dollar businesses and grew an email list of more than 700,000 subscribers, so he knows what he is talking about. He shares both good and bad experiences so that you can learn from his mistakes.

Traffic Generation Cafe

Every entrepreneur knows how frustrating it can be to drive traffic to your website, which is where the Traffic Generation Cafe newsletter comes in handy. Sign up for the “Weekly Marketing Skinny” newsletter to receive the latests tips on driving traffic, traffic conversion, search engine optimization and social media, straight to your inbox.

Startup Digest

Not all startups are the same and Startup Digest has dozens of newsletters geared towards different industries. With topics ranging from 3D printing, music, social enterprise, health, women entrepreneurs and more, you are sure to find the perfect newsletter for you.

Charge What You’re Worth

This newsletter is a little different from all the others in that it comes in nine parts. Each email is a part of a course that teaches you to determine what your services are worth. Each lesson takes only a few minutes to read and comes with an interactive worksheet that will help you apply the lesson to your business. Every time you finish a lesson, the next one is sent to you. Get ready to up your rate!


Okay, so we had to include ourselves in here, because, well we just had to. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about upcoming workshops and webinars, sales and discounts, and Blog Bites, our weekly recap of what’s happening on the blog!

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