How A Blog Can Help You Brag About Your Business

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Blog tips to promote business


Think back to a time when you saw a celebrity publicist release a statement to the press or a magazine write about a new product. Did you think to yourself, “How distasteful for someone to brag about their career or business!” Did you scoff and say, “I am unfollowing them on all social channels because I can’t stand to see another ad from them.” Probably not, because there is nothing even slightly offensive about publicity! And while you may have been told growing up not to brag about yourself, your business can’t really afford for you not to brag.

When you are doing your own PR it can feel like you are constantly trying to tell the world how amazing your business is. That means you are doing a good job! Alongside promoting your products or services, you should also be sharing your business’ success, milestones and what makes it special. If you are still uncomfortable with the idea of sharing updates about your business, then a blog may be the perfect platform for you. A blog gives you more room to talk about what is important to you without spamming your social followers with constant advertisements. Time to get to work because this blog is going to change your business!


Did you just land a major mention in the press? Well time to toot your own horn and write a post about how honored you were to have your business mentioned in the publication. I bet you can picture countless websites with whole pages dedicated to press coverage. This is because having press coverage shows that your business is worthy of being written about and this elevates your brand. If you are being written about in prestigious publications or blogs, then your customers will have more confidence in your products and services. In fact if another reporter or blogger sees the post they may just want to get in on the action and cover your business too!


Did you win a local business award? Sell out of a new product within days? How about hired your first employee or got your first real office? Share this on your business’ blog and let the whole world know about how much butt you are kicking. These blog posts are good for attracting press and help you show off your proudest moments. And your loyal fans will love being able to keep up with all your big milestones!

New Products/Services

Your blood, sweat, tears and a lot of coffee went into launching a new product or perfecting a new service. It is time to let the world know about your newest creation! Of course you will want to promote the news on social media and through other marketing techniques like email blasts. But unfortunately those platforms have limitations, aka they don’t let you ramble on. To share all of the details, and we mean all of them, about a new addition to your business consider writing a blog post where you can explain in detail everything your customer needs to know. And don’t forget to add lot’s of pictures.

Behind The Scenes

No one is perfect, and no one likes reading about someone who is perfect. A blog post can be a great place to give your customers a behind the scenes look at your business. You can show off some secrets to the trade, give a look at your hard work or even share the fun parts of running your business. Everyone likes to peek behind the curtain, so give them a good look at what goes on in your biz!


Anyone with a job at an uptight, old fashioned office will tell you they love reading about startups and small businesses with fun company cultures. Give a look at your values as a brand, what it is like to work for you and what you care about. Are all your paper goods made of recycled paper because you care deeply about the environment? Let your readers know! Maybe you donate proceeds to charity or support hiring Veterans. Whatever is important to you, your company and your staff should be shared for your customers to see. Your customers are an important part of your culture so make them feel included.

How do you use your blog to promote your biz?