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How to Use Blogs to Improve Your Travel Experience - Bloguettes

Meet Lauren, one of our Events interns here at Bloguettes! She’s a fun-loving, outgoing girl who loves meeting new people. Lauren is graduating this year from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Marketing. When not at school or at the Bloguettes office, you can find her going out with friends, eating tacos, binge watching the newest series on Netflix, or planning her next trip! Read along as she shares how blogs can improve your travel experience!

Let’s be honest for a second–life can be hard. Whether it’s work, school, (or all of the above), you deserve a break every once in a while. What better way to relax and get away than a vacation?

Although fun, traveling can be stressful. Whether it’s out of the country or to a local hotel, any trip takes planning and consideration. That is where travel blogs come in handy! As a college student, I have breaks periodically throughout the school year, which is the perfect time to get my travel on! Here are some tips and tricks on how to use blogs to make your travel experience more enjoyable!

Using Social Media and Blogs

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Traveling Chic

Growing up, I watched my dad read and flip through travel books about where to go and what to experience when going on vacation. I would always make fun of him because for one, those books are outdated within a year, and two, you can find all the information faster and easier online! But now, as I’ve started to grow up and plan my own trips, I’ve taken my own spin on his research method: using social media and blogs.

Once you’ve decided on your final destination, it’s time to find out where to go and what to do while there! Some people like to plant themselves on the beach with a good book, while I on the other hand love to go explore the culture and see what major cities or countries have to offer. So, with that involves a little research, and that’s where Pinterest comes in.

Using Pinterest for Travel Inspiration

Pinterest is the holy grail of blogs and websites that can help you plan your perfect trip! Just by simply typing in one’s destination, thousands of blogs will pop up and from there, you’ll be able to find tons of helpful tips and information, including the best way to tour the city, destinations that are a must see, fun local restaurants to check out, the best outfit to wear, and what the weather is going to be like when you go. The possibilities are endless!


How to Use Blogs to Improve Your Travel Experience

Another plus about using Pinterest and blogs for planning your trip is getting to read people’s real-life experiences while traveling. They give the best tips and tricks for what to pack, situations they encountered and how they handled them, along with their favorite memories from the trip. This gives real insight into the place I plan on traveling!

Here are some of my favorite bloggers to follow for travel inspo:

Hey Nadine: This blogger has vlogs for every place she’s traveled, and she does community service at some of her travel destinations.

Traveling Chic: This blogger gives great insight on what to pack for each destination, and she also gives style tips so you don’t look like “that tourist” while exploring.

The Blonde Abroad: This blogger provides travel tips for different kinds of vacations, whether they’re solo trips, volunteer trips, or trips with your family and friends. She also has an amazing Instagram and writes multiple blog posts from each of her trips, giving you all of the details from her experience!

The information others give you online is so much more personal and helpful than what you’re going to find in a boring old book with no pictures. That’s why in today’s world, using social media and blogs is the new way to take a break from life and experience something new!

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