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It’s safe to say our co-founder Lorena is usually off doing a million things at once. It’s all too common to hear Lorena speaking on the phone in Spanish, writing emails, and keeping a watchful eye on her little Frenchie, Lena.

Without her determination and unwillingness to be phased by any obstacle in her way, she probably wouldn’t be where she is today. You can ask her anything about running a business and she’ll respond with a flurry of advice. But ask her what she does in her free time and nine times out of ten, you’ll get the answer “What free time??”.


It’s difficult to think about only doing one thing at a time, but the book says: feeling overwhelmed is the same thing as being unproductive.

For this month’s book club, Lorena read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. The book is about the author and how he left a 9-5 job to become an entrepreneur, only to find he was working more hours than when he was a 9-5 employee. The book goes on to tell the reader not how you can squeeze in more work, but how you can work smarter and enjoy your life.

Too often people think retirement is the end goal in life. They convince themselves that in order to travel the world during retirement, you need to overwork yourself now. However, this book states the opposite. You can work, be successful, AND enjoy your life! There is absolutely no reason why you can’t travel, have a family, and be successful right now.

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We asked Lorena some of questions about the book and this is what she had to say!

What was something you identified with the most in the book?

“I’m an expert at doing 80 things at a time and the part about eliminating distractions is what hit me the most. The author says to commit to a to-do list and identify the most important things. If I only finish those items and didn’t attempt anything else on the list, it was a productive day because that’s what I set out to do. It’s a little difficult for me to think about only doing one thing at a time because I’m such a multi-tasker. But the author did say that feeling overwhelmed is the same thing as being unproductive—and who wants that?”

Success is summarized by the number of uncomfortable conversations you're willing to have, so stand up for yourself, say hello, & break out of your comfort zone.

Is there anything you’ll be adapting right away?

Yes! One thing the author said was to check your email only twice a day. At first, I was shocked and couldn’t imagine checking my email only two times a day because I could honestly spend all day just answering emails. But what Timothy said is true. When you reply to an email, the other person will reply back. If you constantly reply to emails, you’ll obviously keep constantly getting secondary replies. Now, I’ve designated two time slots (9-10AM, 2-3PM) to just answering emails. I answer the most urgent emails first, do what I can the rest of my time, and whatever emails I can’t get to that day, can wait until tomorrow.

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Success has so many definitions. How does the book define success and do you agree?

The book says that success is summarized by the number of uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have and I think it’s so true. I’ve encountered many uncomfortable situations or conversations throughout my career and it has helped me grow into the person I am today. So make an effort to talk about the things you don’t want to, introduce yourself, break out of your comfort zone, and overcome your fears!

Life is meant to be enjoyed! Know that where you are now isn’t where you have to be and that you always have the ability to create your own reality. It is 100% possible to work hard, be successful, & enjoy every moment. Don’t let society define what productivity is because in the end, it’s all about if you’re satisfied and happy with yourself.

We want to know what you think! Leave us a comment if you’ve read The 4-Hour Workweek or if you agreed or disagreed with some of the statements in the book!

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