Bloguettes Book Club: Blog Inc.



The weather has finally started chilling down which means wrapping ourselves up in wooly blankets while reading a good book is totally acceptable!

We heard some chatter about Blog Inc. by Joy Cho and checked it out for the month of November! We had one of our executive assistants, Avi, read the book as she has her own fashion blog to put Cho’s advice to the test!

What started as a graphic design studio in 2005, the Oh Joy brand has blossomed into much more than graphics. Lifestyle videos, blogs, and licensed products have all resulted from founder, author, and creative consultant, Joy Cho.

We asked Avi for her thoughts on the book and asked her a few questions:

Is this book more for beginning bloggers or veteran bloggers?

The book is more for beginners because it breaks everything down, but people who already have a blog can take stuff away if you’re outdated or lacking in certain skills. It also helps you to realize you’re doing well too!

What topic did you find the most interesting?

The monetizing part was the most helpful and interesting because I know the least about how to monetize my blog. Right now, my ads are from people who approached me, but in order to grow, I want to start reaching out to other people. The book helped me figure out how to price banner ads for different sizes!

What are 3 tips that stood out most to you after reading Blog Inc?

  1. 1

    Find your blog’s voice! If you want, you can even create a fictional persona to show a different side of you.

  2. 2

    Go to local blogger meet ups to network with other bloggers. You can plan future collaborations which will give you more content to help supplement days when you don’t have much planned!

  3. 3

    When you’re just starting out as a blogger, you don’t have much content (which is fine and expected). Create a schedule of what days you’ll upload content and let your followers know so they know when to expect new posts!

What were some of your favorite quotes from the book?

  • It’s great to look at other blogs you enjoy for inspiration, but remember that you need to bring your own unique spin to your blog.
  • Authenticity simply means writing in a voice that comes naturally to you, and posting things that you simply want to share with others.
  • Be prepared with a succinct description of your blog that tells others why you started it, what you blog about, and why it’s fun and different.

We talked with Avi for a good chunk of time and left out so much more the book has to offer. According to Avi, it’s an entire ‘how to blog workshop’ in a single compact book, making it the perfect read for that budding blogger in your life! Pick one up and give the gift of blogging knowledge to someone you love this Christmas!