Bloguettes Book Club: Brand Thinking

Bloguettes Book Club: Brand Thinking


Though you’re technically not supposed to judge a book by its cover, we spotted Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits by Debbie Millman in a picture a few months back and couldn’t wait to read it! Just look at how cute that cover is…..

Though the title of the book leads us to think that this was going to be your standard book on the do’s and don’ts of branding, we realized after a quick flip through its pages that Brand Thinking is so much more than that. Essentially, the book is a collection of stories and interviews from some of the world’s leading branding experts and their take on branding and its impact on human nature, anthropology, and the way consumers shop and do the things they do.

While the book only touches the surface on the role that brand’s place in our lives, check out what our Editorial Assistant, Becca, thought about the book!

Tribe-Like Following

Of all the takeaways in this book, the idea that people want to feel like they are apart of something really stuck with me. Nearly every brand thinker that Debbie Millman interviewed had something to say about how important the community is around a brand. Brands can make (or break) a tribe-like following, and this can especially be seen on social media! Nowadays, people have such a strong desire to feel connected. For example, Starbucks. Their cups symbolize energy and happiness, but when you see someone who has a cup you’ll probably find it much easier to relate to them!

Bloguettes Book Club: Brand Thinking

Brands in Society

One of the main points that Millman asks nearly every brand thinker in the book is how they define a brand and what role they perceive that branding plays in the society. One thinker, Wally Olins, describes branding as having “this function for both people who are part of the same group and also for the people who don’t belong” (11). Most brand thinkers not only explain the significant impact that branding has in society, but also in politics, economics, psychology, and technology. It’s amazing how large an impact a single brand can have on our lives!

Becca’s Favorite Quotes:

  1. 1

    “The main idea of purpose-driven brands is about recognizing, embracing, and celebrating the fact that brands can enhance people’s lives and help them feel better about themselves.” – Phil Duncan (page 54)

  2. 2

    “As the immediate reaction from any piece of branding design that we do, we want people to understand what the point of the purchase is—what the brand message is.” – Bruce Duckworth (page 109)

  3. 3

    “A brand is a product” with a compelling story—a brand offers ‘quintessential qualities’ for which the consumer believes there is absolutely no substitute.” – Cheryl Swanson (page 143)

How has this book helped you?

As I read this book, I kept thinking about how I could apply these insights to my position at Bloguettes. It made me think of ways that I could help our community of readers find a better sense of belonging within Bloguettes! I think that there is so much added value when a company not only helps you, but provides you with a community of others to relate to. I hope to do just that with my position at Bloguettes!

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