Bloguettes Book Club: Creative Confidence



Welcome to Bloguettes Book Club, the newest installment to the blog! Nothing says summer like a reading a good book poolside, and when we aren’t in the studio or at a workshop, that’s exactly where you’ll find us. This month our creative director Gabi has been reading Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All, and she hasn’t stopped talking about it!

Gabi’s Thoughts

In Gabi’s words: “The book really emphasizes the fact that anyone can be creative. I consider myself “naturally'” creative, but this book kind of dispels the rumor that some people are born creative and others aren’t. Even people who don’t consider themselves creative can get into the mindset, and it completely changes how a person works and approaches everyday tasks.”

Creative Confidence: Bloguettes Book Club

Needless to say, Gabi’s review on the book kind of blew our minds. We’re totally guilty of labeling ourselves as either “creative” or “business-minded” (either one or the other, but not both) and we love that this book is not only proving us wrong, but also creating a plan of action for changing that way of thinking.

Creative Confidence: Bloguettes Book Club - Chp 1

While the book heavily focuses on helping people who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves creative, there’s something for those on the other side of the spectrum. Gabi, who’d we definitely consider a “natural creative” (I mean, it’s in her job title!) says that the book does a great job at teaching those types how to get out of a funk and how to let go of comparison, and being ok with failure and understanding how to regain the confidence to go back and improve.

What do you think? Are people born inherently creative, or is creativity something that can be taught and learned? Do you plan on reading this Creative Confidence? We’d love to hear your thoughts and your take on the book in the comments below!

Creative Confidence: Bloguettes Book Club