Bloguettes Book Club: The Desire Map

Bloguettes Book Club- The Desire Map


Bloguettes Book Club: The Desire Map - Bloguettes

Bucket lists, quarterly objectives, strategic plans, big dreams, goals…the list goes on and on! If you’ve ever wondered why we set goals for ourselves, Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map is the book for you! This month, our Associate Editor Lauren gave it a read and she loved it! Read along as she shares her thoughts:

Tell us a little bit about The Desire Map. How is it different from other typical self-help books?

I loved reading The Desire Map! It’s definitely not your typical self-help book, which I found to be refreshing. We all set goals for ourselves, but rarely do we sit back and think about why we set the goals that we do. This book is helpful in the way that it makes you stop and think! It showed me how we often aren’t chasing after goals themselves; we’re chasing after the way we feel when we accomplish them. Before reading this book, I never thought of it this way! Overall, The Desire Map really taught me to look at the topic of goal-setting from a different perspective.

"We often aren’t chasing after goals themselves; we’re chasing after the way we feel when we accomplish them."

This book is based on how your goals make you feel. How did you feel reading this?

When reading The Desire Map, I felt empowered and motivated! I’m beginning to gain a clear understanding of why I set the goals that I do, which makes me want to go out and accomplish them that much more!

Did you have expectations as to what this book would teach you or make you think about? Were those expectations met? Why or why not?

Initially, I thought this book would be a step-by-step guide for setting goals. I thought it would be about how to set goals, break them down into smaller steps, and so on…the usual things we think of when it comes to setting goals! However, it was so much more! Danielle really dives into uncovering your “core feelings,” which I now realize is such an important part of dreaming big. This book also taught me how easing up on your expectations actually liberates you to reach your goals (sounds contradictory, right?). 

One of my favorite parts of the book is where Danielle talks about three ways to get focused. First, we need to know the meaningful why behind it…she says we should anchor into the truest, most meaningful reason that you’ve set out to accomplish the particular thing in question. Second, it’s important to become acutely aware of your hunger…what are you craving that this accomplishment will feed? Finally, we have to get real about what it will take to pull it off, and ease up on the expectations!

What is your favorite quote from the book?

To be honest, I can’t choose just one! Here are some of my favorites:

“To be whole is to make space for the full range of human emotion.” (p.68)

“You can feel beautiful amidst the ugly parts of life.” (p.56)

“With clear desire, you can say yes to the right opportunities.” (p.50)

“Desire brings light to darkness.” (p.52)

“Getting off track is essential to our growth.” (p.61)

Would you recommend this book to a friend?

Yes, for sure! I think this book is great for anyone who has big dreams they want to turn into a reality. No matter where you come from or what industry you work in, I think there are so many benefits to reading The Desire Map!

What did you learn about yourself from reading this book?

I learned a lot of things while reading this book, but I would say the biggest one is that it’s important to let ourselves open up and feel the full range of our emotions. When we’re busy, it can be so easy to fall into the trap of avoiding our negative emotions (I’m guilty of this).

Sometimes, we just want to push forward without acknowledging the things that are bothering us, but over time, this can lead to shallow and narrow living. When we open up, we can experience healing and live a full life! So, in summary, there are valuable lessons to be learned when we let ourselves feel. This is something I’ll definitely be working on!

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