Bloguettes Book Club: Instagram Power

Book Club Instagram Power


If your brand or blog isn’t on Instagram, you’re seriously missing out! Instagram is the hottest social network that allows brands and consumers alike to boast powerful images and to interact and engage with other users. Just six years after the mobile app was founded, Instagram now has over 400 million users (beating Twitter!).

Our first book club of 2016 is an ode to the social media of all social media. Instagram Power by Jason G. Miles was a super informative read, and we’re excited to share what we took away from it!

Instagram Power is essentially a “how to” book that delves deep into the endless possibilities for your business that lie within Instagram! The book provides everything you need to grab your followers’ and consumers’ attention through images, captions, engagement strategies, and more. Plus, the book covers all levels of social media understanding. From how to download the app to how to implement your branding into your feed, Instagram Power is an educational tool to build on your social media marketing strategies.

We asked our marketing director, Nina, her thoughts on the book and this what she had to say!


Good For All Levels

One of the best things about this book is that the author makes Instagram understandable for all levels of social media marketing. The book covers everything from how to download the app to branding, buying decisions, marketing, campaigns, and analyzing your results! Though some of the information wasn’t applicable to improving the Bloguettes Instagram, we were able to take away other important information to help grow our following and engagement. The book explains that Instagram works really well for direct marketing–meaning marketing with a clear call-to-action–and teaches you how to directly and indirectly socialize through Instagram with your brand!

Book Club: Instagram Power


Growth & Engagement

According to Nina, the book shows a nice comparison of the marketing tactics you should be using on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Miles gives you tips on how to identify with the right people so you can grow your following! Pictures hold a lot of power on Instagram, but so does liking and commenting on other users’ images. For people who read the book for their business, the book offers tips on branding, logo design, taglines, color palettes, and typefaces. The book also focuses on 10 direct marketing strategies, and offers tactics for image and caption subject matter, filters, composition, and social action.


Favorite Quotes

  1. 1

    “Desire comes in many shapes and sizes. People have a deep desire to own things, to meet someone they find attractive, or to be noticed.”

  2. 2

    “Many people collect experiencesas an Instagram user, that is one of the primary activities you’ll see being lived out.”

  3. 3

    “The opportunity to reveal a story and include people in a journey is a strong emotional trigger that is available for marketers using Instagram.”

We got a lot out of Instagram Power, and hope that you will, too! Using the examples and tips from the book, you can use Instagram to your advantage without it taking over your life. When used strategically, Instagram can be a huge marketing tool for your brand or business. If you order the book, be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments below!