Bloguettes Book Club: Pinterest Power

Bloguettes Book Club: Pinterest Power


Bloguettes Book Club: Pinterest Power: Pinterest is more than a dream board--it can help you if you're a blogger, business, or just a for-fun pinner! Dive into our Pinterest Power book review!

Pinterest is one of our favorite social platforms. It’s visual, it’s easy to navigate, and best of all, it works. For this month’s book club, our Office Manager, Avi, read Pinterest Power by Jason Miles and Karen Lacey.

The book starts off with Pinterest’s backstory. Fun fact: Pinterest was founded by a male! Ben Silbermann worked at Google before heading off on his own. He says Google is good at fostering creativity and inspires you to be yourself and find your creative path.

On the side, Silbermann was a collector of bugs and found solace in categorizing them. He thought that there has to be other people in the world who collect things and categorizing them as much as him which is how he came up with the idea for a site where people could create boards and collect things they like and love throughout the internet. When he launched, he realized it was all women using the site and decided to change the marketing to gear towards women. And thus, Pinterest was born!

The book essentially goes into Pinterest 101 and covers the early setup, the marketing techniques you need, and also gives the reader insight into other people’s Pinterest success stories.

This is the magic of Pinterest. Users have a place to express themselves and what they love.

We sat down one-on-one with Avi and had her tell us a little bit about the book and how it’s helped her!

Who is the book for?

Everyone who wants to learn about Pinterest! Whether you’re a blogger, an organization, a business, or just use Pinterest for fun, the book helps you to understand the ins and outs of Pinterest and how to find your success through it!

What is something that was eye-opening for you?

When I think of Pinterest, I usually think of bloggers, but Pinterest can help organizations. There is a chapter about organization and using campaigns. Your pin can explain how to donate money for a cause or can simple education your followers on the problem with pictures. It’s all about telling a story through your image.

What is one of your favorite tips from the book?

I liked the part about how to categorize your boards. It’s always quality over quantity. You don’t have to pin the whole day, but you can schedule your pins to post at an optimal time and day. Pin RIGHT the first time!

What is one thing you’ll be taking away from the book?

Getting traffic to my blog! I have a fashion blog called Petite Fashion Monster and I’ve really come to see that Pinterest is an extension of my blog. It’s girly, it’s pink, it’s a whole lot of Paris. My blog is a reflection of who I am and my Pinterest is as well.