Bloguettes Book Club: Reach

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Bloguettes Book Club- Reach


Let’s be honest for a second…stepping out of your comfort zone can be a scary thing! However, there are so many benefits when we learn to let go and step outside of our comfort zones, both personally and professionally! So, this month we decided to challenge ourselves and read Reach by Andy Molinsky. Read along as our co-founder and Creative Brand Director Sakura shares her thoughts on the book!

Tell us a little bit about Reach. What is the overall message of the book?

We all like to live and stay in our comfort zone, but there are times where we are left in situations where we have to go outside of our comfort zone to complete a task or perhaps to achieve our dream.  Reach helps us understand that not only introverts have a difficult time stepping outside of our comfort zone, but Forbes 100 CEOs and executives do too and that there’s a solution to everything!  

Who do you think can benefit from reading this book?

Literally everyone and anyone!  I think start up business owners can benefit the most from this book as they’re just starting their journey as a leader and a boss and there are going to go through many uncomfortable situations.      

What was one of the most interesting concepts the book talks about?

That every problem, situation, or stress can resolve just by the way you view the situation and how you deal with this.  

After reading this book, do you think it’s worth it for professionals to step out of their comfort zone? Why or why not?

Absolutely.  Without stepping out of their comfort zone, you are stuck in the same circle.  As a professional, it’s important to stay two steps ahead of the game and to do that, you must step out of your comfort zone.

Do you have any favorite quotes? If so, what are they?

“Clarity & self-awareness is key to every right decision” this quote hit home to me as I sometimes can get stuck in my comfort zone and I don’t have clarity or self-awareness when making an executive decision.  I feel the most creative or self aware when I step out side and have some time to myself, so I will make sure moving forward that every big decision I make will be with time and clarity.

“Clarity & self-awareness is key to every right decision.”

Did you learn anything new about yourself while reading Reach?

That I like to avoid situations when I feel uncomfortable and I don’t properly resolve them.  This way of handling conflict can only make situations bigger, so I need to be more confronting when it comes to uncomfortable topics. 

How do you plan on applying what you learned?

To not self-doubt myself as a business owner and believe in myself that I am giving valuable information when teaching Bloguettes. I choose to understand that many leaders had this issue of self doubt to the point that it affects the quality of their work, so I choose to not doubt myself and my work and value it.