Bloguettes Book Club: The Productivity Project



These days, it seems like everyone is looking for ways to increase their productivity, both in their personal and professional lives. In the fast-paced world we live in today, productivity is valued more than ever. We’re constantly looking for ways to get more done at a quicker speed so we can keep up!

So, for this month’s book club, we decided to read The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey. This book is known for being the ultimate guide to productivity, so we knew we had to give it a read! Follow along as our Marketing Assistant Kian shares her thoughts on the book and how she’ll be applying it to her life:

Tell us a little a bit about The Productivity Project. What is the overall message of the book?

I would describe The Productivity Project as the bible of productivity, productivity for dummies, the ultimate guide to productivity— I think you get the point! It basically breaks down all aspects of productivity (can I say that word one more time), what influences it, & how to improve it! I also like that Bailey (the author) dedicated an entire year of experimenting with his techniques to provide research and data on the topic. Most chapters are accompanied by a challenge, which really makes it easy to put things into action!

What were your expectations before reading the book? Were they met?

I didn’t have high expectations for this book, because I truly thought my procrastination was chronic haha. I thought it might shed light on helpful solutions for procrastination and give insight on how to be more productive. Little did I know that it would completely change the way I look at productivity and how I work! My expectations were definitely surpassed!

Who do you think can benefit from reading The Productivity Project?

Unless you’re the most productive person in the world, I think this book could help just about everyone! It really breaks down productivity to its core. You learn about yourself and habits that you may have not realized before. From there, Bailey has you participate in challenges to really put your reading into action!

What are some of the most important lessons you learned in your reading?

A major lesson I learned was how our “Biological Prime Time” plays such an important role in all of our work. Being able to determine exactly what time you focus best is a real game changer when it comes to scheduling your tasks!

"Our “Biological Prime Time” plays such an important role in all of our work. Being able to determine exactly what time you focus best is a real game changer when it comes to scheduling your tasks!"

Another lesson he wrote about was making tasks “less ugly.” There are 6 major reasons we put off tasks— Bailey explains how to tackle each reason and create a better scenario. For example if taxes are boring, you would do them at your favorite cafe over a fancy drink. This one really resonated with me & I plan to put it into action.

Are there any quotes that stood out to you? If so, what are they?

Kian's Favorite Quotes:

  1. 1

    “Productivity isn’t about doing more things—it’s about doing the right things.” pg 32

  2. 2

    “Biological Prime Time. Taking the time to observe how your energy fluctuates over the course of the day, you can work on your highest-impact tasks during your BPT—when you are able to bring the most energy and focus to them—and work on your lower-impact tasks when your energy levels dip.” pg 46

  3. 3

    “Sometimes procrastination is just a symptom that your life just doesn’t match what you’re interested in and… maybe you should do something else.” pg 59

  4. 4

    “The moment you notice your mind having an internal debate about whether or not to work on a task, or you begin to notice yourself saying things like “I’ll do them later,” “I’ll do them when I have more time,” it’s a signal that the task before you is an aversive task, and that you need to make doing it much more attractive.” pg 63-64

  5. 5

    “It’s so easy to commit your future self to things your current self wouldn’t want to do.” pg 72

How do you think the knowledge you gained from this book will benefit you in the future?

I think if I truly apply what I’ve learned from this book, it could really improve my productivity and work ethic. I hope with enough patience I can decrease the time I spend procrastinating and be more organized with my tasks. I have already seen improvement after just a week of utilizing his tips and techniques. If anything, I can always use this book as a handbook when I begin to lose hold of my productiveness.

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