Branding Guidelines Your Small Business Should Live By



Branding Guidelines Your Small Business Should Live By- Bloguettes: If you're looking for a brand refresher or you're just starting out, take these branding guidelines into consideration!

Branding is everything. It shows off your brand and what exactly you and your company are all about! When it comes to branding, who knows the rules better than Sakura, our very own Brand Director! If you’re looking for a brand refresher or you’re just starting out, take these branding guidelines into consideration!

Logo & Icon

Your logo is going to be the first impression of your business. It’s what people are going to always relate with your brand and you want to make sure it’s perfect. There are so many things to consider when designing your logo, but I’ve tried to simplify it as much as I can. First thing is to make sure to do your full research before designing it. Don’t just design it because it’s cute, make sure it reflects your brand personality! Two, don’t do anything too trendy–choose a logo that’s simple & timeless. Your brand & logo will evolve over time, but you want to make sure that it stays somewhat consistent and again, evolve, not change. The more simple your logo is, the better!

Along with your logo, you’re also going to want to create an icon that correlates with your logo & brand. This will allow you to have more options and also help with different design elements!

Color Palette

Color has a big impact on your brand as well as how your customers perceive your brand. It’s extremely important for you to incorporate your colors on EVERYTHING. Before selecting your colors, it’s crucial to have an understanding of your brand personality. Color psychology is a thing and you want to make sure that you’re selecting the right colors that go with your brand personality. Pick one to three primary colors for your brand, but also pick out specific shades of black, white, and grays to use. For example, at Bloguettes, we never use the color black. We use charcoal, because black is too harsh for our brand personality. It’s also important to be specific with your colors. Don’t just pick a general color, select the specific shade by getting the PMS & HEX color code.

Once you’ve selected it, it’s important to use all primary brand colors equally.  Don’t use one more than the other, use all equally, so people recognize your brand color as a color combo!

Using Google Fonts will let all Internet browsers easily understand & recognize your font without issues.


Typography is a lot more important than people actually think! The style of fonts you choose determines your brand’s demographic, your personality, and so much more! Pick 2-3 different font styles that you use at all times. Make sure the different styles all have a good contrast and a nice flow when combined and used together. Decide what your primary, secondary, and body font will be–it’s also not a bad idea to have an accent font if you want to! I highly recommend selecting fonts from Google fonts for many reasons, but most importantly, it’s the quality and the fact that all Internet browsers will recognize your font. You can purchase or download independent artist fonts from other websites, but you won’t always be able to use them on your website.


People are more visual than ever and imagery has become a big part of branding. Whether it’s on your website, social media, or any printed goods, having good imagery is a MUST and it must represent your brand…always. You want to make sure you’re consistent with the branding of your imagery by the subject of your image, lighting, editing, and quality of your photos! Your editing is a big factor on branding your imagery. For example, if your company is more bright and peppy, you’re going to want to shoot in natural light and edit it to be a bright vibrant feel. I highly recommend everyone to learn Adobe Lightroom, so all of your photos can be edited consistently to your brand!

*Special Treat!* To help you out, we created a Branding Guideline Template that you can download FOR FREE! Customize it to fit your brand, print it out, memorize it, or frame it on your wall!