A Brand Strategy You Can Learn From: For Love & Lemons



While your branding has to be unique to your business or personal brand, you can still learn a lot by studying how your favorite brands are standing out amongst the crowd. Take some time to think of a few brands your business relates to and look at what is and is not working for them. Web design, social media, color schemes, photography and tone can all make or break a brand. This week we are breaking down how For Love & Lemons is making loungewear and lingerie cool.


@forloveandlemons, 2.7 million followers

Scrolling through For Love & Lemons’ feed will leave one impression on you: romance. The photos in their feed are light, airy and scream romance. And not in a cheesy way like some lingerie brands approach marketing. It doesn’t hurt that their lingerie and clothes are stunning, but the way they take their photos makes a huge difference. Consistency in branding is key and all For Love & Lemons photos have a pretty, effortless vibe. One way to achieve this is by planning your grid in advance in a scheduling app such as Later or Planoly. Also sticking to using only one filter can make a huge difference in keeping all of your photos cohesive.


@LoveandLemons, 23.9k follower

For Love & Lemons’ Twitter feed is all business. Nearly every tweet promotes a product and links to an Instagram photo. This is a very safe strategy and won’t get you into hot water like tweeting a potentially offensive joke might. Most brands post photos directly to their Twitter feed as Instagram photos no longer show up automatically in the feed once you link to them. For Love & Lemons is likely trying to draw more traffic to their Instagram feed, which is their most successful channel, but they run the risk of no one clicking the link and seeing their gorgeous merchandise. Depending on your goals this tactic could work for you or against you.


@loveandlemons, 81k likes

Their Facebook page is where their products really shine. Instagram may seem like the best place to post photos of clothing, but For Love & Lemons’ Facebook page is a great advertisement for their products. The photos are much larger on Facebook and show off the stunning details, like lace, on their lingerie and loungewear. Also for Facebook users these posts are only one click away from being able to purchase products. Instagram requires a bit more effort on the consumer’s part to purchase. If you sell products a Facebook page is a great way to highlight them and spread the word amongst your follower’s network.



A key factor to a website’s success is their bounce rate. Aka how long visitors stay on the website. One way to keep users on the site longer is to have hundreds of drop dead gorgeous photos on a blog. For Love & Lemons’ doesn’t let their pretty photos go to waste and features them on a blog that gives the behind the scenes look and exposes you to all of the products you can purchase. Basically everybody wins.


For Love & Lemons doesn’t go above and beyond with their marketing and they don’t need to. Their brand is so strong that just by making sure their website is up to date and that they post on all relevant social channels, they are good to go. Every entrepreneur should aim to build a brand so strong that when someone sees your photos, blog posts or social content that they know immediately what brand they are seeing. For Love & Lemons has become known for laidback, romantic, glamour and that’s not a bad brand to be.