Branding Strategies You Can Learn From: Shop



While your branding has to be unique to your business or personal brand, you can still learn a lot by studying how your favorite brands are standing out amongst the crowd. Take some time to think of a few brands your business relates to and look at what is and is not working for them. Web design, social media, color schemes, photography and tone can all make or break a brand. This week we are breaking down the brand and how their name has become synonymous with fun.


See For Yourself: @shopbando, 380K followers

One look at’s Instagram and all you will think is fun, fun, fun. Their colorful feed is happy, silly and promotes girl power like it’s their business. Their pics are so cute that even the ones that are straight-up advertisements will delight you. They encourage their loyal band of followers to post photos of their pics with special hashtags like #bandogirlband, #bandofun and more (which you can check out in their handy hashtag glossary). If your pic is up to par, they might even post it on their feed. By offering to feature photos that use your hashtags, you give your followers motivation to post about your brand. Being talked about and tagged on Instagram is the fastest way to grow your following.


See For Yourself: @shopbando, 16K followers doesn’t shy away from tooting their own horn. They use their Twitter feed to highlight any press they have received, which reminds their followers of how amazing they are. The lesson to be learned here is that Twitter is a great place for you to interact with press, influencers, and other businesses that might be willing to talk about you on Twitter. They also use Twitter to draw traffic to their more popular feeds such as Instagram and Facebook. Try to have a variety of Twitter posts like they do. Some promotional content, some re-tweets, some pics, etc. This way, your feed is never too monotonous and followers don’t get bored.


See For Yourself: @shopbando, 52k followers

This brand is newish to the scene and they are rapidly taking over all of the social media channels. They are growing their Facebook in a brilliantly simple way–with contests. The beauty of Facebook is that when someone likes your page, all of their followers are alerted on their home feed. has contests on their Facebook page that only requires you like the post to enter. This is a crazy easy way to quickly grow your Facebook following. If you have some cute goods to give away, plan a contest, and get posting!


See For Yourself:

Their website sells all of their adorable stationery, accessories and other goodies but it also takes selling their brand seriously. One look at their website and you know exactly what their brand is. The best/genius part about their website is that even if you don’t want to purchase anything, there are still other reasons for you to visit the site. The pink website has sections dedicated just to a blog, a compliment generator, free downloads, and more. Five minutes on this website and you will be smiling from ear to ear–and might just end up with a pretty full shopping cart.


Reward your customers and followers with giveaways, engaging with them on social media and giving them freebies like downloads. These are all great ways to build loyalty and keep driving traffic to your channels and site.