Branding Strategies You Can Learn From: Free People

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Branding Strategies You Can Learn From: Free People


While your branding has to be unique to your business or personal brand, you can still learn a lot by studying how your favorite brands are standing out amongst the crowd. Take some time to think of a few brands your business relates to and look at what is and is not working for them. Web design, social media, color schemes, photography and tone can all make or break a brand. This week we are breaking down Free People’s brand strategy and how this relaxed yet elegant clothing brand has taken the fashion world by storm.


See It For Yourself: @freepeople, 2.9 million followers

With a whopping 7,733 posts, Free People is no stranger to using Instagram to build their brand. Instagram is the most important social platform for any fashion brand and Free People has thousands of gorgeous photos that tell a story about their brand. Free People is killing it on Instagram because they have a healthy mix of product photos and simple pretty photos that aren’t trying to sell anything. Their feed tells a story about the lifestyle you can live if you wear Free People, which according to their feed is a fun, adventurous, and independent one. They also have a variety of accounts that focus on their stores based off state or city. This gives followers a more personalized look at the brand and individual stores can target their advertising efforts at their actual customers.


See It For Yourself: @FreePeople, 248k followers

You’ll notice a huge difference between Free People’s Instagram and Twitter followers. About a 90% drop in followers. This is an important lesson on learning which social channels will get you the most bang for your buck. While it is necessary to have your business represented on all of the major channels, some will have to be placed on the back burner while you focus on channels that will grow faster. Free People’s Twitter is a great platform for them to share sale details, blog posts, and even a few pics of their clothes, but will never be as successful as their Instagram. And that’s okay! Focus on what is working for your business and don’t waste too much time and money on something that isn’t.


See It For Yourself: @FreePeople, 1.5 million followers

Proof that Facebook is not dead! Especially for marketers. Facebook is a great place to engage with fans of your brand. Free People uses their Facebook page to give a broader look at their brand, past their clothing. Because Facebook allows for more text than other platforms, Free People is focusing on wellness topics in order to promote their new wellness collection. This is a perfect example of how you can shift your branding in order to promote changes in your business. As festival season arrives, they can easily start gearing posts towards music festivals as they have in the past.


See It For Yourself:

You could get lost for hours in the Free People website because it is just that stunning. No boring shots of models in front of white backdrops. Their photo heavy website is like a ‘shoppable’ magazine. And a cool magazine where you actually want to wear the clothes. Your website is undeniably the most important aspect of your brand’s digital presence so make sure it is easy to navigate, beautifully designed and highlights your products in the best way possible.


Your brand strategy needs to represent a certain kind of lifestyle that your customer aspires to reflect. Once you find your brand identity, stick with it but don’t be afraid to slightly pivot when your brand needs a change a few years down the road.