Building Your Blog Community

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Essentially, creating your blogging community comes down to simply being engaged. Creating meaningful relationships with your followers means that you have to ensure you’re having genuine interactions with them and treat them as part of your community and your life–because they are! Once you begin to treat your blog as more than just a job, it truly can become a place in which genuine friendships, connections, and a network is formed!

1. Surround yourself with those who both support and inspire you. Seek out those followers or fellow bloggers who are also interactive, positive, and share similar interests. Follow blogs that truly interest you and read their posts and leave your comments. When you surround yourself with a strong community, you constantly receive inspiration for future posts simply by interacting with people.

2. Make sure your social media presence is easy to find and that you are active on your accounts. One of the best things you can do is make sure your social media icons are clear and one of the first things readers see on your blog. Furthermore, being responsive and involved on your social media accounts will only help to continue to grow your blog. Check out our post on Social Media Etiquette for more information!

3. Have others guest post on your blog! This is mutually beneficial for everyone involved. Not only do you get fresh insight and material on your blog, but it gives everyone involved the opportunity to connect with people who they may have never met otherwise!

4. Make it REAL. Whenever possible, try to reach out to other bloggers in your actual vicinity. Get offline and into the real world! There are a multitude of blogger events to attend if only you look. We can think of one particular workshop that is an excellent way to meet other bloggers and creative professionals…

Regardless of how you build your community, remember that there are always people out there who want to support each other throughout the journey of building a blog. Put yourself out there and meet those like-minded people and you’ll be amazed at how both your business and your relationships can progress!