Building Your Most Valuable Asset: a Newsletter List



In today’s blog society, there is one form of commerce worth far more than any other: email addresses. Having a list of followers that let you into their well-guarded inbox is roughly the equivalent to sitting on a pot of gold. But where do you even begin to build up its worth? Follow these 5 steps.

Pick Your Platform

There’s a number of newsletter platforms out there, but the most important factor is if it works with your site. For example, if you have WordPress then MailChimp is a safe bet, as there are many compatible plug-ins for adding a sign-up form to your site. Check your hosting site before you put it too much time.

Choose A Template

If you’re just starting out, try not to get sucked into buying or building a time-sucking template. As the saying goes, content is king, so pick something simple, add your logo and get on with the show.

Create Your Content

This step should take up at least 75% of your allotted “build a killer newsletter” time. You probably get a few dozen emails delivered to your inbox daily. Which ones do you open almost every time? Think about the content that will draw your reader in and build on that – don’t just embed your RSS feed.

Keep in mind how much time you actually have to create such incredible content. If it’s twice a month, it’s okay to only send it out that frequently. Quality always rules.

Offer An Incentive

Who doesn’t want free stuff? Nobody, that’s who. Come up with a fun incentive that relates to your site and will be hard to walk away from. It doesn’t have to be a beautifully designed e-book, either. It could be a simple checklist saved as a PDF document. Just make sure what’s inside is valuable to your reader!

Promote Forever

And ever and ever and ever. Throw the link up on all your social media accounts, put it at the bottom of your posts, have a bar across the top of your site (look up Hello Bar), embed it in your sidebar, create a corner pop-up (try PopUpAlly). Do what you have to do, just get it out there and watch the emails rack up!