Business Card Holders You Need Right Now

Business Card Holders You Need Right Now - Bloguettes


Let’s play out a scenario, shall we?

You’re out to lunch when you stop dead in your tracks. Across the street at your favorite café is the blogger you’ve been idolizing for years! As a blogger and business owner yourself, you think a collaboration can definitely benefit both parties. You take a swift breath in, walk over, and after a pleasant convo exchange, decide to give them one of your cards. The scenario can go a few ways:

  1. 1

    You proudly say, “Let me give you my card,” open your purse, and in that instant, realize you have a black hole for a purse. You rummage through your purse tossing whozits-and-whatzits around and after a few seconds, apologize saying you know it’s “in here somewhere.” After a few minutes, the beads of nervous sweat start forming as you continue to scrounge around your purse like a raccoon digging through the garbage.

  2. 2

    You glance in your purse, take out your perfectly branded card holder, and hand over a clean, crisp card. Your idol looks at your holder, falls in love with it, and decides to not only buy one, but write a post about it and mention you as her inspiration!

  3. 3

    You look down in your purse and after a few seconds of shuffling things around, pull out a wrinkled card. You try to smooth it out as best you can, give them a sheepish smile, and say “it’s my last one.” As your idol reaches for the card, your eyes widen in horror as you realize there’s a piece of bright pink bubble gum stuck to the back.

Now, these are exaggerations (we hope nobody has gone through scene one or two!), but it goes to show just how important having a business card holder really is. It was number two in our 10 Things Successful Women Carry in their Purse list!

A proper card case not only represents your brand, but it represents you. There are tons of designs available on the web. All it takes is some research! If you’re one of the people who think business card holders are plain and boring, think again! There are so many fun card cases that use different materials, colors, and designs. If you want something extra special, you can always find a product you can customize to your liking!

Below are only a few of the countless card holders at your disposal! Take a look and if you have a business card holder you can’t live without, let us know in the comments!

  1. 1

    Kate Spade “Let’s Do Lunch” Card Holder


  2. 2

    Magnetic Leather Card Carrier (so many colors and styles!)


  3. 3

    Rustic Clasp Holder


  4. 4

    Champagne Stainless Steel Case

  5. 5

    Silicone 3D Camera Case (something fun for a photographer! Get it in pink!)