How Businesses Can Make The Most Of Instagram Story Highlights

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You may have noticed that some of your favorite bloggers and celebrities have these cute little circles on their Instagram profile, and when clicked on, they show you certain parts of their Stories that they have saved.

This is a big jump from just having a 24 hour story. With Instagram Story Highlights, you can allow users to view your cute pictures of your dog eating a cupcake or follow you as you go on vacation in New York…all the time! Second, Highlights give businesses a huge opportunity for some great marketing strategies. Read along as we share how businesses can make the most of Instagram Story Highlights!

Unlimited Links

If you are a business account with 10k+ followers then you get the fun “swipe up” feature when you post a story. This feature allows you to put links into your story, and then when users “swipe up” they can go directly to the link, verses having to click the link in your bio.

So when a user clicks on your highlights, they can view and go to as many links as you have! You could go as far as to even have a separate highlight just for your posts/products/whatever your heart desires.  

This is great for those who have a new blog post up, or want to advertise a new product coming out! You just post it on the story, save it to a highlight, and it’s there forever for others to go back to.

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Color Coordination

Everyone loves the aesthetically pleasing nowadays. Themes, cohesive blogs, it’s all so appealing. So of course, your story highlights must be as well!

If you go to a blogger’s page you will see a majority of them chose a single color, and added a graphic that corresponds to what that highlight entails. Not everyone does this, but it seems to be the common thread among many successful Instagram accounts.

We suggest choosing a common color that seems to always pop up in your Instagram scheme, and use that! It will tie it all together and when users view your page, they will be more inclined to hit that follow button.

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Showcase Other Social Channels

You may have a huge Instagram following but what if you want to grow your Twitter followers? Or YouTube? Your highlights can help with that as well!

If you upload YouTube videos on the regular, use your Instagram to advertise those as well! You can label an entire highlight as “New Videos” and link the videos in.


Team up with another Instagram influencer and use the story highlights to promote each other! The influencer can advertise your products and put up a story of them using whatever you are selling and link to your products. In turn, you can feature them trying your products, and link to them!

It’s a win-win for both parties and allows you to sell more products! Plus, you make some great connections and friends in the process.

Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves a good blooper reel or a behind the scenes take at all the action. Feature your company in their environment, whether it be having fun at a team event, or just doing goofy things in the office.

Many users would love to watch a whole highlight of funny things such as those. It’s a great way for a company to show who is behind the screens and relate better to their audience.

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How Do I Make a Highlight?

Making highlights are easy! You just need your phone and creative mind.

  1. Post to your story.
  2. Click the little circle with a heart in the bottom right corner that says, “highlight.”
  3. Label your highlight.
  4. And it’s done!

How Do I Make a Highlight Cover?

Again, easy and simple! Here are the best ways to create a beautiful cover:

  1. Choose a main color or multiple, whatever best represents your company!
  2. Download the app, “Canva” and upload a photo of the color pattern you chose.
  3. On Canva you can add graphics to your photo. Search a relevant graphic and add! Or if graphics aren’t your thing, find a fun font and put the name of your highlight on it!
  4. After your download the finished copy from Canva, put it on your story and turn it into a highlight, using that photo as the cover.

Highlight Ideas:

Need inspiration or ideas on what types of highlights to have? Here is a list to get you started:

  • Travel
  • Office Life
  • Animals
  • Coffee
  • Girl Boss
  • Food
  • New Products
  • New Videos
  • BTS
  • Story Bloopers

The options are unlimited! You can also check out your favorite brand or blogger to see what kind of highlights they have as well.

If you incorporate all the steps we have for you above, you and your company will be well along your way to having a bomb Instagram profile!

A fun tip is if you want to add a past story that you didn’t get the chance to add to your story, you can just go to your archived page (Click on highlight -> Press the 3 dots on bottom right -> edit highlight -> archive) and you can add it!

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