Keeping Up as a Busy Blogger, ft. Leah Behr



Photo from @leah_behr

At Bloguettes, we know the struggle that comes with not only creating your online brand, but also building and maintaining it. Having a successful presence online takes both time and dedication, which can be difficult to manage with everyday life on the side.

Leah Behr, a multi-topic blogger and realtor, knows this feeling all too well! We were curious as to how she finds both the time and inspiration to create quality online content, so we asked! Keep reading to check out Leah’s inspiring Q&A:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how your blog was born!

I’m a 30 something born and raised Cali girl, currently planting roots in Colorado with my husband and two dogs (@kygoandbernard).  Eat Pray Wear Love was birthed at a time, when I had time. LOL! I just wanted a creative outlet, really. My husband and I had just starting dating, and I wanted to document our journey.

At the time, I mostly shared recipes, tidbits about our life, and once a week I would do a SUPER amateur outfit post (that was taken in a bedroom in his basement!). It’s so embarrassing to look back at earlier posts, but it’s also fun, in a way, to see how far it’s come. Today, EPWL is a mostly fashion focused blog, with the occasional recipe, travel and beauty guides, and random musings on life.

Your blog, Eat Pray Wear Love, covers multiple lifestyle topics! Many bloggers struggle to consistently create content in so many niches. How do you stay inspired?

I feel really passionate about all the topics I share on my blog. Whether it be fashion, cooking, entertaining, or travel, they are all just part of my life and what I love. Keeping them on the blog comes really naturally to me, and sharing a multitude of topics really helps me to stay inspired.

In addition to running a multi-topic blog, you also do real estate! What does an average day look like for you balancing the blog with work?

An average day for me usually starts at 6am. I really need about an hour to myself each morning to prep myself for the day. Whether that be with a workout, or quiet time in the Bible, or catching up on blogging, starting my day early is a crucial part of me being able to accomplish my daily tasks (and, yes, that often means me crawling into bed by 9pm!).

I try to have an office routine of 9-5 (lately it’s been more like 12 hours days, though!). During breaks, I catch up on my favorite blogs and Instagram accounts. Having an active social life is very important to me as well, so I try to be out in the community or with friends whenever possible. On nights that I don’t have plans, I am usually home cooking for my Mr., with a good glass of red in hand – and catching up on blogging.

Although you blog about multiple topics, is there one you are most passionate about?

Fashion has always been my first passion, but as I’ve gotten older, I have realized how much I LOVE to entertain. Our house is tiny, so I try to do a lot more entertaining in the summer in our backyard. You can plan on seeing a lot more of that coming to the blog this year. I’ve also been working on expanding the travel portion of my blog, and that’s been a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love to travel, right?

Walk us through your content creation process–how often you write/shoot, and how you distribute creating content for each category. Do you have a routine?

I would love to tell you that I have my stuff together enough to have some sort of routine, but that’s just not possible. Last year, I was super diligent about it and easily found myself burning the candle at both ends quickly. When I have collaborations and deadlines, it’s easier to stay focused, but beyond that, I can be a little all over the place. I try to reserve Sundays for blog shoots, and am usually prepping content on nights off or early mornings at home. I will say that Planoly has been great for helping me plan Insta content, though.

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What is the greatest challenge you face in creating so much content?

Time! There are really never enough hours in the day. In fact, there are only 1440 minutes – but who’s counting? 😉 That’s one of the reasons why I love traveling so much, though. I find myself so inspired by the little things when I  actually have the free time to notice them. That is really when my creative juices flow (and you’ll usually see my Instagram feed blow up with content, as a result of it.)

What tips do you have for other busy, multi-topic bloggers to stay productive without spreading themselves too thin?

As I mentioned, last year was exhausting for me between balancing work, blog, family and trying to maintain an active social life. I don’t mean to belabor the point, but that’s just the plain truth. I had to have a come to Jesus talk with myself and reprioritize things, because my quality of life was suffering, and *truth bomb* even my marriage was suffering.

Sometimes, you just have to take a step back and examine things. A change of perspective is really all it takes to shake things back into place, and that’s what I did. Since then, things have been amazing and I feel more refreshed than ever.

"A change of perspective is really all it takes to shake things back into place."

As an influencer, what is your ideal imprint you want to leave on your subscribers?

I want my followers to feel like they are in this journey with me and that I am being authentic with them, always.

Any final words of advice for multitaskers like yourself?

I can’t emphasize perspective, and the power you have over your mind, enough. Sometimes you are going to feel overwhelmed, and that’s ok! It’s at that time, though, that you need to take a breath and decide whether it’s really worth it to press in and push through, or if it’s really just time to take a break. Remember, at the end of the day, you can’t give everyone else your best. unless you are giving yourself your best, first.

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