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The Scoop on Pinterest Promoted Video

Videos recently hit the Pinterest scene! In this post, we're sharin' everything you need to know about Pinterest Promoted Video.


This Just In! Instagram’s New Branded Content Tool

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A Sneak Peek at Apple’s New Emojis

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This Just In! Sponsored Posts in Giphy

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This Just In! Introducing Amazon Spark

Amazon now has a feature that allows you to shop from a feed on their app, and it's called Amazon Spark! Learn all about it in this blog post.


All You Need to Know About Snapchat’s Latest Updates

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Change the Way You Work with Workplace by Facebook

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This Just In! Create A Shoppable Instagram Feed with Planoly

With Planoly's newest update, you can now create a shoppable Instagram feed! Find out how the new feature works in this blog post!