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Save Your Live Videos with Instagram's Latest Update

How to Save Your Instagram Live Videos

Calling all Instagram fans! The app recently launched a new feature that allows you to save your Instagram live videos to your camera roll. Learn more here!

Shop Your Screenshots with’s New Feature

Shop Your Screenshots with’s New Feature

Online shoppers and influencers, this new update is for you! By using the app, you can now shop your screenshots! Learn more here!

Pinterest & ShopStyle Collective Team Up: Shop the Look

Pinterest & ShopStyle Collective Team Up: Shop the Look

Thanks to Pinterest's newest collab with ShopStyle Collective, you can now "shop the look!" Learn all about how this new feature works!

Plan Your Instagram Stories With Planoly's Newest Feature

Plan Your Instagram Stories with Planoly’s Newest Feature!

Planoly just added a new feature where you can plan your Instagram stories in advance! Learn all about the update in this blog post!

New Features in the iOS 10.3 Update

Exciting New Features to Expect in the iOS 10.3 Update

The anticipated iOS 10.3 update introduces exciting new features such as Find my Airpods, a hidden keyboard, and many more!

Instagram Stories Step Up Their Game with Video Ads

Instagram Stories Step Up Their Game with Video Ads

Since their launch, Instagram stories have been giving Snapchat stories a run for their money! Learn about their newest feature, Instagram story video ads!

Tell Recruiters You Are Secretly Job Searching On LinkedIn

You can now alert recruiters, privately of course, that you are looking for a new job or are open to a switch if the right opportunity arises.


Plan Your Instagram Photos With Iconosquare’s Newest Feature

Iconosquare’s new Instagram Post Scheduler lets you plan photos ahead of time and get notified when it's time to post that pic of your cat in a pumpkin suit.


All You Need To Know About The iOS 10 Update

Still haven't figured out iOS 10 yet? Don't worry, we've got all the changes you need to know about for the newest iPhone update.


Buy & Sell Online Using Facebook’s New Marketplace Feature

Facebook users can now buy and sell items online using Facebook Marketplace. Will this new feature knock sites like Craigslist out of business? Read the buzz!