Charge 4 Devices with a Toaster



Foaster TJI

“Tangled” is never a good thing.

Tangled hair, tangled Christmas lights, & something we can all relate to at one point—tangled charging cables.

We live in a digital age where our gadgets are (embarrassingly) our life. If those gadgets die, well, in a way, we lie down & die with them. In other words, we clear a space among our tangled mumbo jumbo of cords and contort ourselves in awkward positions on the floor just to use our phone while it’s charging.

This “tangled mumbo jumbo of cords” is where the Foaster comes in.

The Foaster looks like a quaint little toaster you keep on your kitchen counter. Its white exterior with its pastel pink or blue lever looks like something out of Miss Muppet’s kitchen, but don’t let its timid looks fool you. The two toaster slots are in fact, hidden ports for charging your phone. If two charging slots are underwhelming to you, press the lever & two side slots will open up allowing you to charge your phone, your work phone, your spouse’s phone, & your iPad.

With four gizmos charging at the same time, you’d think a mess of cords would be surrounding the Foaster. But this is the age of innovation and the smart cookies down at Covena Design have boiled everything down to one single cord.

Because the creators of this faux toaster want their customers to apply as little effort & get the most satisfaction out of their product as possible, they’ve added micro-suction foam to the bottom of the toaster. This means as soon as your phone is done charging, you can simply walk over, and pull your phone out using only one hand. Need to move the Foaster? Give it a good ol’ twist, place it in its new location & the micro-suction technology will re-holster itself in place.

If the Foaster sounds too good to be true—it is. But only for the time being! The Foaster is currently not available, but for those of you who want to be in the know, you can sign up here to get updates about the best gizmo since, dare we say it? Sliced bread.