Choosing the Best Colors for Your Blog

How To Choose The Best Colors For Your Blog


When you first start a blog, you have TONS of things to consider: your blog name, your niche, and the whole layout of your website (just to name a few). However, one of the things that you shouldn’t have to bang your head against the wall for is choosing the colors for your branding. Colors can have a huge impact on the perceived personality, quality, and content of your blog, so be sure to consider these points when choosing its colors!

Start On Pinterest

Pinterest is made for sparking inspiration, so start by making a secret board for pins with colors that catch your eye. Take a look at what people in your niche are pinning, and use those colors to help you narrow down your selection. Just remember to mix it up! You don’t want to blend in with all of your competitors. After you have a few pins on your board, step away from it and look at it again a bit later. What colors truly stand out to you? Do you lean towards pastels or more bold colors?

Use A Color Picker

Now that you have some photos for color inspiration, use a color picker tool to get the exact color from that images with Adobe Color CC. The tool allows you to pick exact colors from images and create color palettes based on them. Remember that your color palettes can use a variety of colors, and can be complementary, monochromatic, or analogous! All color schemes can be beautiful, but be sure to pick the right one for your brand!

Color Psychology

Did you know that colors can even influence the emotion and feelings of your audience? Plus, some colors work best in certain niches (hint: think blue for Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter). Always consider how you want your audience to feel when they look at your logo or blog. Use this color wheel to help you choose:

Best Blog Colors

Think About You!

Ever heard the phrase, “the best color in the world is the one that looks best on you”? Apply that same mentality to your brand. Your blog is probably a pretty accurate reflection of yourself. If you don’t like the color, don’t use it! The colors you choose should most importantly be ones that you love! You’ll probably be the one staring at your logo and webpage the most, so choose colors that you won’t get sick of.