Choosing The Best Career For Your Personality Type

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Your personality affects what careers you like. Whether you're an introvert, extrovert, or in between, see which career is right for your personality type!

Ever wonder why you’re drawn to some careers but not others? Your personality plays a big part in the types of jobs you enjoy. When choosing a career, it’s important to pick something that you will like both now and in the long run, and considering your personality type can help you to do this! So, here are some factors to consider when picking a career that best suits your personality!


We’ve all heard about the difference between introverts and extraverts, and you probably have a good idea of which one you are. Your energy style isn’t just determined by whether you’re shy or not, though. It has to do with how you recharge! At the end of a long day, do you recharge by going home and reading a good book? If so, you may be on the introverted side. If you recharge by going out with your friends, you are most likely extraverted.

So how can you pick a career based on your energy style? If you’re more on the introverted side, you might prefer a job that’s more solitary with a calm environment. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go to meetings and interact with your coworkers. You may just prefer an environment where you can be alone with your work occasionally. Being a writer may be a great career choice!

If you’re more on the extraverted side however, you’re likely to enjoy environments where you are constantly in collaboration with others. You may thrive in fast-paced environments where you have opportunities to socialize and network. For example, you may enjoy the hustle and bustle that comes with being an event planner!


When it comes to your thinking style, you likely fall in one of two categories: sensor or intuitive. Sensors prefer to work with other people, machines or even data, while intuitives enjoy abstract concepts and ideas.

Once you’ve determined your thinking style, it’s important to choose a career that fits accordingly. If you consider yourself to be a sensor, for example, you’re likely to be successful in a job where you manage people or do research. You may enjoy working with the business side of things and dealing with numbers. If you consider yourself to be intuitive, you might find you have a knack for graphic design or other outlets where you can come up with innovative ideas. You will thrive in an environment where you get to be creative each day!


Next, it’s important to understand your values style, which is broken down into whether you’re a thinker or feeler. Thinkers tend to be more task-oriented, and they enjoy applying their intelligence to situations. On the other hand, feelers are driven more by their emotions and value the relationships they have.

If you consider yourself to be a thinker, you might make a great entrepreneur! Or, if you’re more of a feeler, you will likely enjoy a job where you can help others and connect with them emotionally. So, think about going into a field where you can make a difference in others’ lives. Maybe you’re the next great self-help author or director of a nonprofit organization!


The last factor to consider when choosing a career for your personality type is your life style. Are you task-oriented and organized? You might fall into the judger category. Or, are you more laid-back and open to change? Then you might be categorized as a perceiver.

Judgers, not to be confused with being judgmental, prefer structured, organized workplaces. They like to have an idea of what’s coming next and what is expected of them. That being said, perceivers tend to go with the flow and are open to trying new things. If you’re a perceiver, you might enjoy working in marketing or even the fashion industry, where you can keep up with the latest trends!

In the end, if you’re passionate about something and put your mind to it, you will succeed! By considering your personality type when choosing a career, you can simply narrow down your options and choose a career that’s a perfect fit!

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