Why We Chose To Build Bloguettes in Arizona



Read the whole story behind how our co-founders met, how the idea was born, and how Phoenix has molded Bloguettes into the success it currently is.

Bloguettes co-founders, Lorena Garcia and Sakura Considine, have built Bloguettes into a resource for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and creatives–but it didn’t happen overnight. Read the whole story behind how our co-founders met, how the idea was born, and how Phoenix has molded Bloguettes into the success it currently is.

How did you two meet?

We met at a random dinner in 2013 and then coincidentally happened to be signed up for a leadership retreat that following weekend. After the retreat, we would frequently meet up for lunch or coffee to talk about life, work, and entrepreneurship.

Where did the idea for Bloguettes come from?

We both had our personal projects & businesses, and we had learned so much through the ups & downs that we wanted to do a small workshop once a month to teach other struggling entrepreneurs the tips & tools on how to stand out from the crowd. It’s so incredibly easy to start a business in today’s world that everything has become saturated, which results in a struggle to stand out from the crowd. 

We saw Bloguettes as a side business that gave us the opportunity to travel once a month to a different city together, meet and empower other entrepreneurs, and have fun! The idea of a workshop has now evolved to other things such as our webinars, stock photos, blog, etc and we both now do Bloguettes as a full-time job!

Did you ever think about starting Bloguettes anywhere other than Phoenix? If yes, where? If not, what made you want to stay in Phoenix?

We most definitely did. We had originally started Bloguettes thinking I (Sakura) would move to LA and that we would work together on the workshop remotely, but as time passed and the company grew, we knew that moving to LA was not an option. People tell us every day that we should be in California where there is a bigger market for this, but we have learned that we grew thanks to our Phoenix community. After 2.5 years, we became the big fish in a small pond. 

Thanks to social media, the Phoenix community is very ‘small' and everyone is willing to collaborate.

How would you describe the Phoenix community?

The Phoenix community is constantly evolving and extremely supportive. We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the Phoenix community. Everyone in Phoenix is always willing to help & support one another and we hope it’ll continue to grow that way. 

What qualities does Phoenix have that has helped your company grow?

Thanks to social media, the Phoenix community is very ‘small.’ Someone knows someone and thanks to that, it has helped our company grow tremendously. The Phoenix community is also always willing to collaborate and is all on the same page to GIVE, GIVE, TAKE. 

What types of people have you met from the start of Bloguettes until now?

We can confidently say 80% of the creative community we’ve met and worked with. We’ve worked with creative entrepreneurs, event planners, photographers, influencers, and so much more through different events we’ve done!

Co-founders Lorena & Sakura teaching at their most recent 3-Day Branding Workshop

Do you think Phoenix is a good place for budding entrepreneurs? Why or why not?

Absolutely. The people in Phoenix are so nice and are always giving. We’ve seen competitors collaborate and help one another grow & succeed. Besides collaboration, we think it’s also a great place to start a business because overhead isn’t too expensive compared to many other major cities.

Do you see a lot of growth for Phoenix in the future?

Most definitely. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in Phoenix since we first started Bloguettes and many other startup companies have moved to Phoenix since then. We’re really looking forward to Phoenix growing even more and to continue to help grow it!