A Color Story: Your New Photo Editing App

A Color Story: Your New Photo Editing App


Social media is becoming more and more image centric by the day. And with the rise of the selfie, outfit of the day posts, and flat lays galore comes a new generation of photographers. The pressure is on to take magazine-quality photos and you can be certain that 99% of the time, a photo is edited with a filter, a few simple tweaks of brightness and contrast, or a full makeover via a photo editing app. Taking an average photo and using an editing app to turn it into a really memorable photo can be really fun. But what do you do when you want to edit a photo, but would like to keep your Instagram instant? Of course you could make a few quick changes through the Instagram editing tool, but with A Color Story you can edit your photos even quicker with majorly impressive results.

A Color Story solves our number one photo editing struggle. So many times, we’ve wanted to brighten a photo, especially a white background, and end up washing out the entire photo. A Color Story’s purpose is to create fresh photos with bright whites and colors that pop. Their free tools and filters will easily get you where you need to go, but for a few dollars extra, you can unlock 100+ filters, 40+ special effects and 20+ tools. You can pay 99 cents if you have your heart set on a certain effect or filter or you can pay $7.99 for access to them all.


A Color Story: Your New Photo Editing App - Bloguettes

The effects can be easily manipulated and can be placed in the perfect position. Never settle for a light flare in the wrong place again! Speaking of light flares, there are over a dozen to choose from. There are “natural” options as well as festive stars and tiny hearts. And consider us obsessed with the Color Fog effect that allows you to overlay opaque color gradually over a photo as if a colorful fog has indeed crept into your photo.

A Color Story has plenty of pretty filters, but if you prefer to be very precise with your edits then you’re in luck. After you edit a photo and are happy with it, you can save all of the edits into a custom filter and apply it to any photo you want. This feature is perfect for the perfectionist who takes dozens of photos to get the perfect shot!

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