Coming Soon: New ‘Girl Power’ Themed Emojis

Coming Soon: New Girl Power Themed Emojis - Bloguettes


Who run the world?! GIRLS! So, it only makes sense that the emoji gods aka the Emoji Subcommittee of the Unicode Consortium (yes, that’s an actual job) is stepping up their girl emoji game with some much needed additions.

While the blonde in the pink long sleeve top has helped us emote many-a-feeling over the past few years, she lacks proper female companionship. The only friends she can currently invite to girls night are either a princess, a salsa dancer, synchronized twins, or a soon-to-be bride about to walk down the aisle and say I do.”

To help better represent all of the numerous kinds of ladies there are out there, Google announced that there will be some new female emojis coming to iPhone town. The plan is to add 11 brand new, never before seen girl/woman emojis, as well as adding 33 female versions of already existing emojis. Better yet? The 11 new emojis will be available in all skin tone options making them more representative of our true selves.

This means that you will soon be able to send text messages featuring a female police officer, surfer and super-sleuthing detective along with their newly designed companions. These new companions include a scientist, farmer, coder, rockstar, teacher, student, doctor, mechanic, boss lady, chef with a perfectly fried egg, and a welder carrying a blowtorch. Not to mention, our favorite blonde in the pink long sleeve is about to get a purple-shirted, brunette companion.

While there has been no timeline announced yet for the rollout of the project, it is definitely in the works. Cheers to the upcoming emoji-filled texts about ladies night & bachelorette parties! What are your thoughts on these new emoji’s headed to your phone screen? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to give us a follow on Stumble Upon!