Comparing The Best Planners Of 2016

best planners of 2016


To the novice eye, planners may seem all the same. After all, how many different ways can somebody plan their life, right? Wrong. If anyone ever tells you that all planners are made equal, you tell them no. A firm, stern, N-O.

Each carefully organized paper paradise is crafted with the utmost thought and after doing some research, we realized that planners are in fact, far from similar. While each planner has their own distinct style & flavor, ultimately, there is no bad planner. Because honestly? Everyone is different and when it comes to life, you just have to plan you, boo boo!

Take a peek at our favorite planners for 2016!

Erin Condren – “The Planner Fanatic”


For: the people who take planning to a whole ‘nother art form
Price: $50-$75

Erin Condren is no stranger to the planner world. If you skip on over to YouTube and type in ‘Erin Condren planner,” a whole mess of planning videos will pop up in your browser. You’re probably thinking, “How many people will actually sit down and watch someone plan their planner?” The surprising answer? A lot—as in, 500,000 views and up.

Planners crafted by Erin Condren feature a plastic cover (that is fully customizable for those of you willing to splurge some of your Christmas money) and come in a variety of cover designs ranging from beachy to geometric. Something Erin Condren has that sets them apart is their multiple layout designs. You can choose from inside layouts that use sectional blocks, lined note segments, or time-orientation. Since this is the planner for all the planner enthusiasts out there, it only makes sense that each planner comes with sample stickers to take your planner to the next level.

Day Designer – “The Boss Lady”


For: the #girlbosses who know who they are & exactly where they want to be
Price: $49-$59

As soon as we saw the Day Designer planner in the mail, we were instantly hooked. The packaging itself is on point. The magenta box sleeve lets you slide the planner out (similar to a drawer) and tada! Your perfectly bubble-wrapped planner is stored inside. Our editor and executive assistant said at the exact same time, “The size is PERFECT!” (note: we received the Black Stripe Mini Edition). There are different hardcover designs usually featuring big bold patterns (stripes & spots) with neutral colors and a bright pop of color.

The Inside: We say the Day Designer is perfect for the working woman because of the layout. Monday through Friday gets their own page, while Saturday and Sunday shares a page. Each daily layout include a Today’s Top 3, to-do check lists, time-oriented segment, notes, and a small place to write your 4 D’s: dollars, due, dinner, don’t forget. If that’s not enough to get you inspired and productive, each page has a different quote by esteemed leaders, dreamers, and timeless inspirations.

Rifle Paper Co – “The Darling”


For: the ones who tie their hair into milkmaid braids & sip on sweet tea
Price: $34

Rifle Paper Co is a name known to many creative households. It only makes sense that in addition to their apparel, totes, phone cases, and stationery, they added planners to the list!

Rifle Paper planners come in two distinct designs: their classic bold birch floral pattern with black, salmon, white, and deep green hues and their more delicate toile pattern in a cornflower blue and intricate floral designs. Each planner has a hidden spiral with rustic brown-tinted pages. A two-page spread hosts lined sections for Mon-Wed on one page and Thurs-Sun on the next. The cherry on top? It’s a 17 month calendar that looks oh-so cute.

Moleskin Evernote – “The Tech Tyrant”

photo credit: Mikeshouts

For: the people who are always first in line for the newest tech product release
Price: $34.95

At first glance, the Moleskin Evernote planner may not look like much. A simple black cover with tiny little circles and a lime green elastic band is all the notebook houses on the cover, but inside is where it gets real technical—literally.

Inside, the Evernote planner has simple lined sections for each day with a tiny little icon of a clock and a check box. Using the Evernote Camera function in the mobile app will allow you to digitize your handwritten notes when you take a picture. The camera will straighten, smooth, and sharpen your notes and to ensure you get the best quality picture, Evernote recommends taking a photo with flash. Checking the box above each day’s notes will tell Evernote to set a reminder. Smart stickers are also available allowing you to easily tag and categorize your notes. One of the coolest features about this techy planner is the ability to search through your handwritten notes. Evernote, with its handy dandy tech skills, will comb through all of your chicken-scratch (er, notes) and will find the specific word or phrase you’ve written. No more wishing there was a Command-F (or Ctrl+F, for our PC using editor) for your scribbled notes! Sweetness point: You get 3 months of Evernote Premium free when you buy the planner.

Sugar Paper – “The Mother Earth Minimalist”


For: the people who thinks less is more & tell you to put that water bottle in the recycle bin
Price: $12.99

Sugar Paper is for the minimalist. A brown paperboard cover, easy-to-read 2016 in white bold typography, a pale pink elastic band closure, and a hidden mini spiral is all this planner needs to be effective. Sugar Paper uses soy based ink and recycled paper allowing Mother Earth enthusiasts to rejoice everywhere. The weekly layout is split into two pages: one page for This Week’s Top Three, to-do’s, to call, to email, to buy, and a weekly goal. The adjacent page has blank sections for Mon-Fri allowing you to plan and write according to what works best for you. This planner is recommended to those of you wanting to test out the planner waters at a cheap price. Find these babies at Target for only $12.99!


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