What To Consider When Redesigning Your Blog

What To Consider When Redesigning Your Blog


What To Consider When Redesigning Your Blog

Maybe you’ve started your blog off on the wrong foot, or maybe it’s just time for a change. Either way, there comes a point in every blog’s life when it needs a little redesign. While small changes like colors and fonts can be done overnight, switching your blog to an entirely different platform can require many hours of work. Ultimately, you’ll want to ensure that the design of your new blog is aesthetically pleasing, readable, and consistently branded. When redesigning  your blog, be sure to consider these points!

Converting From One Platform To Another

Warning!! This is going to be the biggest challenge if you have decided to completely move your blog to another web development platform (ie. Squarespace to WordPress). If you have become accustomed to working on one development platform, you might find it extremely challenging to move to another. Plus, blog posts and the images associated with them don’t always look the same. While one blogging template may prefer horizontal images, another may have vertical feature images. Keep this in mind when deciding to switch!

Colors & Fonts

While these may be the easiest to change when redesigning your blog, you may want to consider investing some time and money into truly researching the psychology behind your color choice. There are brand specialists out there who can evaluate your brand and make color suggestions accordingly, or you can simply use an online color picker.

With regards to fonts, make sure any fonts you pick are Google fonts! These fonts are all free and open-sourced, so you can use them without risk of infringing the rights of the creator.

Mobile Responsiveness & Design

Does your blog currently retain its design and readability on both desktop and mobile versions? If not, it’s about time you make your blog responsive to mobile design. With the popularity of phone usage, you could be losing a large percentage of readership if your blog is too hard to read from the screen of a cell phone! Luckily, most popular web development platforms include mobile responsiveness in their blog templates.

Social Sharing

Hopefully, your current blog has options for social sharing on every blog post. This enables your readers to instantly share the post on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you haven’t configured this in your blog’s settings, simply Google search “enable social sharing for my [web development platform] blog” and there are tons of tutorials out there. Also, remember to enable commenting on your blog to encourage engagement amongst  your readers and to improve your SEO!

Less Is More

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–less is more when it comes to design! The simpler it is for your readers to navigate to your blog post the better. You want to make sure your font is readable, your colors compliment each other, and the overall layout of your blog is user-friendly. Just remember to not think too much into this. You can’t please everyone; pick a niche and you’ll be fine!