How to Create Content When You’re Feeling Uninspired



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Writer’s block happens to even the best content creators. Some days, the creativity just doesn’t want to flow and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get into the groove and write that next blog post.

We’ve all been there here at Bloguettes, so we’ve collected some of the best ways to get the creative juices flowing when you’re stuck! Read on as we share how to create content when you’re feeling uninspired:

Content Creation Ideas for When You’re Feeling Uninspired

Inspiration Starters

Here are some activities and ways to get your brain working and thinking. Any of these can start a spark and help you generate amazing new content.

Magazines – Check out whatever magazine that fits your fancy and see what you can find! Many times their types of articles can spring a new one out of your mind. And with the news always changing, you always have a new fresh set of inspiration.

Reader Questions – Sometimes a good blog post is staring at you right in the face. Go check out questions you have gotten in the past and see if any of them are able to be put into a post. For example, our inbox was flooded with questions on how to make Instagram Story videos, so we made a tutorial on it!

Picture a Person – This is a common strategy for most bloggers. Just picture a person in your head, whether they’re real or imaginative, and pretend you’re talking to them. Ideas will flow and you’ll end up writing something that’s relatable to everyone!

HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator – This one is kind of goofy but it still can help get your creative juices flowing. HubSpot has you put in three things that are related to the niche you’re in and generates ideas for you. It can’t hurt to try!

Hashtags – Look at hashtags! Popular hashtags are always changing daily and sometimes hourly. You can create some good content by viewing them and seeing other articles that creators have written on the same topic.

Wondering how to find relevant hashtags? Go to Twitonomy and find out the top ten hashtags that are being used on Twitter! If you have a certain keyword in mind, check out Hashtagify. You can also search the hashtags that other people in your niche use!

Change Environment – Sometimes you just need to change locations and have a fresh space to work in. Visit a local coffee shop or go to a new room in your house. A change of scenery is always needed after a while.

Call your friend – Pick up the phone and call your best friend. Sometimes, that’s all you need to reverse the writer’s block. They can give you ideas as well, or you can just take ideas from what the two of you chatted about.

Google Keyword Planner – This tool is great for coming up with titles for blog posts! We even have a tutorial on it, just for you!

Ask your community – Ask your audience what they want to see! Make an Instagram story and have them message you what they want to hear. You can also host a poll on Twitter or ask a Facebook group you are in.

Google Trends – This one is more specifically for news-related topics, but it’s still very beneficial! Through Google Trends, you can see what is popular, and what will generate a bigger audience.

Competitors – Check out your competitors! While you don’t want to copy them or their posts, it’s still good to stay updated on what the competition is doing and their strategy. It may help you develop your own ideas!



Instagram is a great way to get inspired! Scroll through the app and view what people are posting and captioning. You may think of some things you would have never thought of!


Pinterest is the platform of ideas. You can literally search “blog post ideas,” and get a multitude of suggestions. It’s also a great way to view ideas and photos to generate post suggestions.


Go on Twitter and see what the trending news is. You never know what you might find on that platform. It’s a great way to find out the weirdest things.

Content Ideas by Niche



  • Book review
  • DIY
  • Story
  • Recipes
  • City-Guide
  • Interview



  • Guide
  • Top Coffee Shops
  • Favorite Restaurant
  • Account of latest adventure



  • Outfit Haul
  • Trends
  • Favorites
  • Outfit Planning
  • What to Wear



  • How-to
  • Tips
  • Latest news
  • Hidden secrets behind… [Topic]



  • Recipes
  • How-to
  • Tool review
  • Seasonal post
  • Prettiest foods to take photos of

The last thing to remember is that you should always create content that is relevant to your brand. Don’t write something just to write it. You should focus on the quality of your content rather than quantity. One amazing and thought-out blog post is better than a bunch of rushed-through posts. You should also make sure that you love what you are writing about. If you aren’t passionate about your content, it will show through to your readers. You want to love what you do and have that shine through to your audience.