How To Create A Blogging Budget



Here at Bloguettes we obviously love blogs and one of the reasons we love them so much is that anyone can start one for free! The fact that most blogs cost no money to maintain is why spending money on your blog can seem a little extravagant. But, if you are passionate about your blog and want to invest money in it, you should. As with any hobby, costs can add up quickly. In order to keep your wallet happy, we’ll share all of the steps to create a blogging budget. This way you can spend money on your blog guilt free!

One-Time Expenses

First you need to take a look at your one time expenses. These costs may be steep, but they should not scare you off as you should only have to invest in them once. Take stock of what you want to purchase such as a nice website design, a custom logo or a high quality camera. If the costs add up to more than you can afford, now is the time to map out a savings plan.

Monthly Maintenance

Next, you have to budget your recurring costs. You need to know what costs to expect every month and make sure you can afford this addition to your normal budget. These costs can be anything from domain and hosting services, social media scheduling programs, an Adobe membership or stock photo subscriptions.


Most likely your university did not offer classes in blogging, but if they did please let us know where we can find this amazing school! Investing in an education is never a waste of money and the same applies to blogging classes. Research the best blogging, design and marketing workshops, webinars and books and then choose which ones you will get the most value out of. For even more bang for your buck attend a conference or industry events where you can learn and grow your network.


Depending on what your blog is about, it can be necessary to purchase things to write about or photograph. This can be a new book to review, clothing for an outfit of the day post or food supplies for a recipe you want to share. Setting a budget will stop you from getting carried away when you are feeling inspired. This budget applies to social media marketing too. If you must have that perfect foamy latte or stunning bouquet of peonies to share on Instagram, add it to the budget!

What have been the best purchases you have ever made for your blog? Share with us in the comments!