Where To Create An Online Portfolio



As a freelancer having a strong online presence is the best way to promote yourself and attract new clients. Regardless of what industry you freelance for having an online portfolio is a must! Creating an online portfolio is an easy and free way to keep track of your past works of art/literary genius and share your talents with prospective new opportunities. Here are some of our favorite sites for creating an online portfolio.

For Writers

Journo Portfolios

Site: https://www.journoportfolio.com/

This user-friendly site allows you to create a completely customized portfolio fast. With the ability to link directly to your past published works or upload a saved copy via multi-media (PDF, video, images), you are able to put together a body of your work in a snap!

With their free package you get to add up to ten articles to your portfolio. Making it an ideal, cheap way to send out a taste of your greatest hits to prospective clients. If you are looking to create a complete portfolio that houses all of your work they have two different unlimited article options ($4.99/month or $7.99/month) for you to choose from.


Site: https://pressfolios.com/

With all of the ease and efficiency of Journo, Pressfolio allows you to create a no-fuss portfolio that you can easily share. The added bonus to using Pressfolio’s is that they have a Google Chrome extension which lets you add to your portfolio directly from a story’s source with one quick click. They also backup each and every story you add to your portfolio without you having to lift a finger. A PDF clip version of your work is automatically stored on their cloud the moment you upload it. Leaving you stress-free should the site ever glitch or shut down.

On Pressfolio you can store 12 stories for free or opt for their Lite (250 stories for $7.49/month) or Pro (unlimited stories $11.99/month) package if you need some extra storage room.

For Artists


Site: https://carbonmade.com/ 

The colorful site was created with the sole purpose to make it easy for artists in various mediums to be able to effortlessly share their work online. Carbonmade is an ideal online portfolio option for illustrators and graphic designers alike. Their site gives you the ability to build an appealing home from your work that you can curate to fit your marketing needs, with no knowledge of HTML required.

Their “okay” option lets you showcase 10 projects, publish a brief About Me and links to your contact information. If you need more than that they have offer a “Whoo!” ($12/month) and “Laser Whale” ($18/month) as well which give you far more project uploads as well as the added ability to upload HD video and audio files.

Cargo Collective

Site: http://cargocollective.com/

Branding itself as a “creative community participating in a constantly evolving visual culture, as demonstrated by this daily updated exhibition of featured images and websites”. Cargo is the perfect portfolio site builder for any creative type. Their comprehensive site gives users a platform to create a completely customized portfolio including slideshows and built-in audio/video players (goodbye, YouTube).  In order to use all of the imaginative templates and tools, you have to first apply for an account, on their site. Once approved are invited to join a rank of exquisite artists showcasing their work.