How to Create the Perfect Out of Office Email for the Holidays



How to Create the Perfect Out of Office Email for the Holidays - Bloguettes

Heading home for the holidays? You probably need to create an out of office email. Instead of using the traditional format everyone uses, why not have a little fun with it? Here are some ideas to spice up your auto-responder email!

First Things First: Include the Basics

Before taking off for the holidays, make sure your OOO includes the basics. Some general things to include are how long you’ll be out of the office, who to contact while you’re out, and when you will be returning.

Spice it Up with a GIF

Want to share your enthusiasm for going on vacation? Spice up your out of office email with a funny GIF that does the talking for you! This makes your message memorable, and it also makes you more relatable. These are some of our faves, but you can always download your own from GIPHY!

How to Create the Perfect Out of Office Email for the Holidays

Add a Funny Picture

Similar to using a GIF, adding a funny picture to your auto-responder email is likely to make your customers smile! For example, if you’re heading home for the holidays and are planning to spend some quality time with your dog, consider adding a picture of your cute pooch! Plus, it’s been found that looking at animal pictures can actually increase focus and productivity at work.

Use Emojis!

Everyone loves emojis, so why not show your personality by using some in your out of office email? This will add some flair to the not-so-typical email that will go out to whoever contacts you while you’re away!

If You’re Feeling Extra Festive…

Want to spread some holiday cheer while you’re away? Think about something like this:

“Thanks for reaching out! I’m currently busy working at Santa’s workshop and have limited access to email. I won’t be getting very many breaks to check my email (these toys won’t make themselves), but I will respond to you as soon as I return!”

“Thanks for your email! I’ve headed off to the North Pole for the holiday season. I’ve been informed by the big man that there will be limited Wi-Fi access during my stay. I would complain, but I’ve been threatened to be put on the naughty list. I look forward to responding to your email when I return from my trip.”

“Sorry I missed your email! My recent promotion to head elf has not allowed me much downtime these days. Once the holidays are over, I will return from my seasonal job and get back to you!”

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