How To Create A Stellar “About Me” Page

How To Create A Stellar About Page - Bloguettes


We know, writing about yourself can sometimes be difficult. That’s why we wanted to walk you through the steps on how to create a stellar “About Me” page. The goal is to be honest and enticing and with these steps, you can!

You're amazing--it's time to tell people why!

Explain Your Value

We have said it time and time again but this one is a biggie. Being able to explain to your audience the exact value you are adding to their lives is always imperative, but it is especially important to spell it out in your “About Me” page. You want anyone who is reading your “About Me” page to come away with a clear idea of how you are going to help them and why your blog will be useful to their individual lives. This is also the perfect place to include who your site is geared towards. Take some time to research some of your favorite companies and see what they say in their About section. See how they choose to grab the attention of their intended readers and what they pinpoint in order to show them that their site is created specifically for their users’ interests.

Be You

Your “About Me” page should be crafted as the perfect first impression. This is your first opportunity to pique the interest of a new reader by captivating them with what makes you, you. Write this section in the same way that you speak. If you are silly and you write all of your posts with a light airy tone, be sure that your “About Me” page reflects that. A new reader is either going to subscribe or move on to the next thing depending on if they connect with you as a person. Put as much ‘you’ as you can!

Visual Appeal

We eat with our eyes first. Someone who stumbles upon your “About Me” page will have already decided if they are actually going to read a single sentence that you have written well before reading your name, solely based on this page’s appeal. If your “About Me” page looks novel-like and daunting, you might not attract as many people to read it. Be sure that the moment the page loads, there is something that draws your audience in. This can be a photo, a bolded thought-provoking quote, or simply an aesthetically pleasing layout. What you have to say matters, so make sure you draw people in to read it.

Your Site’s Bio & Personal Bio

Even though you and your site can feel like one fluid entity, it’s still important to explain the two as individuals. Your site’s bio should answer why someone should read your blog and what they will gain from doing so. Including background information on where and how your blog got its start can also create more of a persona while showing your site is credible. Once you’ve talked about your business, speak about yourself as an individual. Pull back the curtain and tell your audience things about yourself as they relate to your blog or business. Craft your “About Me” page the same way you would a cover letter for a job application. It should be catered to your specific purpose, which is attracting new readers, while also uniquely identifying why you are the perfect person for the job.

Call To Action

Well done! You’ve successfully showcased what your site is about and explained specifically who your intended audience is. Now it’s time to ensure that your new potential reader doesn’t forget about you as soon as they shut off their computer. By encouraging your reader to subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media, pin a recipe in your index, and/or download something free and of value from you as a brand, you are making sure they remember you & will continue to come back!

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