Creating A DIY Flat Lay Workspace

Creating A Flat Lay Workspace


Ever wonder how all those bloggers get those perfectly lit surfaces to take all those adorable flat lay pics? Well we’re here to tell you that there’s a HUGE secret behind them. Believe it or not, we GUARANTEE that at least half of them use this trick to get their backgrounds so pretty. It’s too easy and affordable to NOT use this method, so we promise you’ll get tons of use out of this flat lay workspace.

Without further adieu, behold, the easiest flat lay tutorial EVER:

Supplies you’ll need:


  1. 1

    Find a large, clean space to work (ie. table, floor)


  2. 2

    Measure out how much adhesive you will need based on the size of your poster board by marking the back side with a piece of chalk


  3. 3

    Cut the adhesive (do this before you take the back paper off!)


  4. 4

    Carefully peel one corner of the adhesive off and align the corner with the corner of the foam poster

  5. 5

    Smooth the adhesive against the poster, starting from the center and working your way out

Voila! Now you have a beautiful flat lay workspace! The great thing about this adhesive is that it comes in tons of different colors and patterns as well. If you’re not so into marble, check out these cute patterns too!

We keep a collection of these posters throughout the office so that we can easily pick-and-choose from them whenever we’re designing a flat lay. Just be sure to store them somewhere where they won’t get wet, as this will ruin the adhesive and poster.

Happy flat-laying!