Creative Ideas To Fill Your Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar


Trying to run a successful blog is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of hard work, creativity and determination. One of the trickiest, and most fun, parts of being a blogger is trying to come up with a consistent stream of blog post ideas. An easy way to make sure you are never stuck without an idea at the last minute is to create an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a calendar used to schedule content. They can be used for blogging or social media. Say you post on your blog three days a week about beauty, health and food. You could start your editorial calendar by outlining every week with a post on Monday about beauty, Wednesday about health and Friday about food. As you start to brainstorm ideas, you can fill out your calendar with more details about what you are specifically going to post about.

Want to really be on your game? Start filling out your editorial calendar for all of 2016. This may sound nuts, but getting a headstart is totally doable and will help get your creative juices flowing. While you obviously won’t be able to come up with a year’s worth of posts you can start jotting down a few ideas throughout 2016. Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Holidays are perfect excuses to blog about food, decor, fashion and more. Look at all of the holidays and plan to write about the perfect romantic meal recipes for Valentine’s Day or a gift guide for Mother’s Day.

Fake Holidays

We take National Donut Day really seriously around here, but it is a fake holiday. And while we won’t be getting a day off work for Penguin Awareness Day, it will still make for an adorable blog post. Luckily there are hundreds of fun fake holidays for you to celebrate on your blog. Not to mention it will provide the perfect excuse to test every donut shop in town or visit the penguins at your local zoo.


Super Bowl Sunday, awards season and fashion week are amongst a few events that you can count on every year for good blogging fodder. These events sneak up on you and are easy to forget about until you read about them on someone else’s blog! Mark them on your editorial calendar so you don’t miss them.


Preparing to write about launches of new products, books, movies, restaurants etc. is a necessity because these blog posts can possibly require more time and money than a normal post. If you want to review a new book and film each month, then your editorial calendar is a great place to budget it. Schedule all of the highly anticipated launches you want to write about now and you won’t be scrambling to cover them when the time comes.


Scheduling yourself in your editorial calendar can take two different paths. One, you could prepare to write posts about events in your life such as weddings, school and vacations. Two, you can mark these important times in your life on the calendar knowing you will be busy and need to prep more posts in advance.

How do you come up with ideas for your editorial calendar? Share your tips with us!