Dallas Workshop Recap: March 28 & 29



We’ve been dying to take the Bloguettes Two-Day Branding Workshop to Dallas for some time now, and on March 28 & 29, we did! Texas has such a huge blogging community, so we knew heading there that we’d find “our people”! Dallas did not disappoint. After two full days of hanging with such a fun new group of bloggers and small business owners, we’ve decided–Southern hospitality is very real, they really do say “y’all” all the time (and it made us smile every single time they did), and TexMex for breakfast, lunch and dinner is always a good idea. Check out pictures from the workshop below. Some were taken by superstar photographer Esther Huynh, some were taken by us, and plenty more can be found in our Gallery.

DallasWorkshop-1Addison Treehouse is a co-working space for entrepreneurs, just about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas. It was the perfect place to hold our workshop!

DallasWorkshop-3DallasWorkshop-15DallasWorkshop-39We put the signature Bloguettes touch on Addison Treehouse’s big, bright classrooms with floral arrangements and succulents by Oh Deery Florals. Check out the mini cactus in the champagne coup–we completely lost it over that little guy. SO CUTE!DallasWorkshop-11DallasWorkshop-10Breakfast was provided by ZICO and Kind Healthy Snacks. Have you tried ZICO’s watermelon raspberry flavor? It was definitely a class favorite.DallasWorkshop-16These tassels from Clover and Bloom were just the pop of color we needed to liven up our beautiful, blank slate of a space.DallasWorkshop-19DallasWorkshop-23DallasWorkshop-21DallasWorkshop-27About halfway through the first day, blogger Katey McFarlan from Chronicles of Frivolity stopped by to impart some of her blogging knowledge on our students. We were blown away–she’s even sweeter in person than she looks on her blog, and she’s a ridiculously hard worker and it shows.DallasWorkshop-50DallasWorkshop-49We broke for lunch to enjoy tacos, rice, beans, chips and salsa (basically all of our favorite foods) from Urban Taco. They’ve got a potato zucchini taco that is out.of.this.world. Seriously.DallasWorkshop-47Post-lunch, we snapped some pictures–I mean, if you don’t Instagram the workshop, did it really even happen? These adorable bracelets were included in our goody bags, and were made by one of our students, Ashley Larea.DallasWorkshop-42And here’s one of the jewelry designer herself. We DIED over her tiny Texas tattoo. We took about one million pictures of it–seriously, the thing deserves its own blog post altogether.DallasWorkshop-43DallasWorkshop-59These gold foil cards from Paper Tie Affair said exactly what we were all thinking.DallasWorkshop-58DallasWorkshop-62All of our students loved these cute (and motivational!) goody bags by Scout & Lilly.DallasWorkshop-65On day two, we covered more Photoshop, held our business of blogging and social media discussions, and had special guest Meagan Weaver share all she knows about photography and working with bloggers.DallasWorkshop-682F8k8TiwMsSMcm9Fl4xlb73XlEQXImp0G_WEwQkmKPM6P0gUUz4gyZqzXPFAsWBR8OoDCJpAuoH_A6nS5VjfWQBefore wrapping things up on day two, we (of course) took a bunch more pictures!DallasWorkshop-48Dallas was a total success–thanks to all of our sponsors who made it possible, and our students for being so fun! Miss y’all already!