How To Design A Creative Workspace

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You followed your dream, started a business, hired a few employees, and now you’ve got a new office! Before you start decking the halls with company logos, take a minute to sit down with your team and decide what you want your office space to help you accomplish. Companies, particularly those whose employees spend a significant chunk of time on the internet, have started to realize the role their workspace plays in their employees’ lives. Luckily, many are changing their office spaces for the better!

In relation to branding, a workspace can say as much or as little as you want it to about your company. It can also have a huge impact in the productivity and creativity of your employees! As we learned in Creative Confidence, the key is to tailor your spaces for the experiences they will be used for to encourage creativity and collaboration, and to create an environment that gives people permission to experiment.

To help you and your team, we’ve put together six tips to help make your office environment more creative!

Pay Attention To Layout

Office layout can play a huge factor in the productivity of your team! The main thing to keep in mind with layout is to keep people together, but not too close. Here at Bloguettes, we divide our office by department. Our creative, editorial, events, & intern teams each have their own group of desks where they can sit together and collaborate. Aside from our interns, each employee has their own desk without walls or separators.


Let’s be real – NO ONE wants to sit at a desk without any windows! However, we know that in reality, that’s not always realistic. If possible, try to allow as much natural lighting as possible in your workspace. Not only does this help prevent headaches and stress, but it is also proven to make employees feel more satisfied about their work! Also, we love all of the windows in our office because they make for such great lighting in our Instagram pictures!

Use Color

Though white spaces have been trending due to their simplicity and minimal aesthetic, don’t be afraid to use a little color in your office! At Bloguettes, we try to coordinate our office colors and textures with our branding, but we also give our team the freedom to add their own personal touches to their desks.

When choosing colors for your office, be sure to take color psychology into consideration. For example, did you know that being in a green environment can help spark your creativity?! Or that yellow is the best color to use in a design and art studio?


Invest In Comfy Chairs

Think about it: if you spend 8+ hours a day at your desk, isn’t it worth it to invest in a good office chair? If you feel comfortable at your desk, your back will thank you and you’ll be much more likely to be productive. Try this super cute (& vegan!) white and gold chair from Rachel George or these saddle chairs from West Elm.

Take Sound Into Consideration

One of our favorite ways to warm up the office is to put on some tunes! We have a Bluetooth speaker that we take turns connecting our Spotify accounts to. Check out a list of our favorite rainy day playlists or try this playlist that we’re all obsessed with!


Add Personal Touches

After you’ve organized the space to best fit your company’s needs, let each employee bring something personal to the environment.Whether it’s candles, books, magazines, music, plants, or even their dogs, they’ll appreciate being able to make the space their own. Check out some of our desk diaries for more tips on what to add to your desk!

Have you recently redone your office space or are you going to implement one of these tips in the near future? Tweet pictures of your workspace to @bloguettes!