EasilyDo App: Your New Personal Assistant

EasilyDo App: Your New Personal Assistant - Bloguettes


EasilyDo App: Your New Personal Assistant - Bloguettes: In need of a personal assistant! There's one right at your fingertips! The EasilyDo app cleans out your inbox, keeps all your travel reservations in one place, and can tell you parking info and suggest LinkedIn profiles of people attending the same networking event as you! Read more here!

Being a boss lady ain’t easy! We could all use a kick-butt assistant to handle our scheduling, clerical work and reminders for us. The trouble is, we can’t all afford one. Lucky for all the boss ladies on a budget out there, the EasilyDo app is here to help you out.

Organized Inbox

EasilyDo built out a ton of beneficial features to help you keep track of that wild beast of an inbox you have. With things like email alerts, that allow you to set search criteria by optimizing your subject line verbiage. And targeted reminders that keep you abreast of the emails that still need a response from you, EasilyDo makes sure your inbox never eats an important email again.

Appointment Help

The app also links up with your calendar providing you with all the information you need before your next event. Not only will it alert you when it is time to throw on your party shoes and head out the door, it sets you up with directions to the venue along with parking information for when you get there. Double bonus: it does all of your stalking–er, research–for you by giving you the opportunity to check out the LinkedIn profiles for other individuals that are about to be attending the same event.

Going to a business networking event? EasilyDo gives you the opportunity to see LinkedIn profiles of fellow attendees.

Clean Contact List

If you are like most of us you rarely, if ever, delete old email addresses. EasilyDo, takes care of that contact list clutter by removing any email addresses that are no longer valid. It does this by deleting email accounts that can no longer be used, i.e. are super old and only lead to bounce back emails.

Travel Guru

It is completely normal to have your flight, hotel, car rental, and zip-lining excursion through the jungle booked in different places. EasilyDo keeps track of all your reservations for you, so you don’t have to fumble through your emails while trying to check in. All pertinent information is compiled in your feed and is added to your calendar without you having to lift a finger!

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