Email Checklist: 6 Things to Do Before You Press Send

Email Checklist: 6 Things to Do Before You Press Send


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Email marketing is more important than what many people think. Essentially, it’s a business’s direct contact to their audience. While it’s important to build up your subscriber list, it’s even more vital to consistently send out great quality emails. You want your brand’s email to be the one that stands out amongst the other hundred people get a day! 

Sticking to an email content calendar can be tricky, so we’ve created a handy checklist to review each time you’re about to hit the ‘send’ button! 

First Things First: Understand Your Goal

Before you start, ask yourself why you’re sending out this email.

Is it to…

Welcome new subscribers? Tell them about your business and start a relationship.

Boost engagement? Promote a webinar, or workshop, or talk about a sale that’s going on.

Re-engage subscribers? Email specifically to the ones who haven’t engaged with you in awhile.

By establishing your goal from the beginning, you can set yourself up for success and create focused, engaging emails!

Know Your Audience

Craft your email according to your audience. After all, you gotta know who you’re talkin’ to!

Are your followers crafty women in their thirties, or weight-lifting twenty-three year-old men? This will shape the way you structure your email and how it’s worded. No one likes receiving a general email, so dig deep and do some research on your subscribers so you can connect with them on a personal level.

Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself when determining your audience:

  • When you came up with the idea for your brand or biz, who did you envision it would connect to?
  • Does this audience currently follow a brand similar to yours?
  • What problem does your brand solve for your audience?
  • What are the demographic traits of your audience? Age? Gender? Education level? Occupation?
  • What do your customers have in common?
  • What motivates your audience to make purchases?
  • What social platforms does your audience use?

Craft an Eye-Catching Subject Line

We could go on and on about this one, but subject lines are so important. Many times, it’s what determines whether or not your subscribers actually open your emails! Usually, a subject line only has room for 40 to 50 characters, so it’s important to make each one count. Put the important stuff at the beginning and make it clear, direct, and appealing!.

How can you improve your subject line?


  1. 1

    Give your subscribers an idea of what to expect in the email

  2. 2

    Talk to your subscribers! Make it seem as though you’re starting a conversation with them.

  3. 3

    Incorporate wit or humor if it’s on-brand for you!


  1. 1

    Be too salesy or pushy (avoid terms like ‘buy now,’ ‘click here,’ ‘order now,’ etc.)

  2. 2

    Make it generic–you don’t want to blend in with the crowd!

  3. 3

    Be unclear or confusing

The Body of Your Email

When writing the body of your email, be sure to create catch the reader’s attention right out of the gate by crafting a compelling hook. Here are some things to consider adding to the body of your email:

Incorporate a personal story: Be human! Show your followers a glimpse of the person on the other side of the computer.

Be Clear: Whatever you may be offering your subscribers, make it clear. Don’t have them guessing on what your point is. If you have to highlight it in bold, do it.

Add Graphics: Add a poll, survey, GIF, or video! These are proven to boost engagement, and who doesn’t love a good GIF?


The visual appearance of your email is so important! You want it to be pleasing to the eyes and something that stands out to your viewers. Whether it be your logo, colors, or font, keep it simple and on-brand but pretty at the same time.

Email Checklist


Make sure you always include links back to your site and offers! This makes it easier for your subscribers to reach you. They don’t want to have to type out your URL, then search for the promotion or blog post. So, add a “Click here” button that links back to your site, and link all your photos back to your site as well.

Testing, Testing!

Send your email to yourself as a test before you send it out. This way, you’ll catch any glitches or little mistakes. Plus, you’ll get to see all of your hard work come to life!

Also, make sure to consistently monitor your email analytics. Look at the amount of opens, clicks, unsubscribers, and forwards. It’s the best way to see what’s working for your audience and what isn’t!

TIP: Use Sender Score to check for any red flags that might prevent your email from getting into your subscribers’ inboxes!

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