Emoji Hashtags for Instagram



With the recent emoji buzz from Apple’s latest iOS update still intact, it’s safe to say that emojis are the future. It seems as if everyone from technology to clothing companies have jumped on the emoji bandwagon. The most recent addition to join the smiley-faced movement? Instagram.

In Instagram’s most recent update, two major aspects have been upgraded. First up? Filters. Three new filter options are now available for your disposal—Lark, Reyes, and Juno. To see what they look like, check here.

But perhaps, the most talked about upgrade is Instagram’s twist on hashtags. You now have the ability to insert emojis into hashtags. You can add, as well as, search for emojis within the platform. The only emoji to be excluded? The eggplant. Search for the icon in the hashtag search box and you’ll see that zero results appear. We’ll let you brainstorm the reasoning why.

We must say, Instagram is one smart cookie for making the first steps towards integrating up-and-coming trends. We’re not sure if having emojis is really necessary or not, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good emoji?