Ensuring Your Creative Resume Packs A Punch

Ensuring Your Creative Resume Packs a Punch


Even though resumes are meant to help you stand out, they aren’t typically the most eye-catching things. While it’s really the content that matters, adding a visually pleasing touch can only increase its power. The line can get a bit blurry as far as how much is too much, so we’re here to clear up any confusion and help you create a perfectly polished resume!

Let’s start out by eliminating one misconception about the creative resume–they aren’t limited to creative industries! No matter what job you’re applying for, differentiating yourself from that big white stack of printer paper boosts your odds of receiving an interview call.

Now for some of our favorite twists on your typical resume:

Experiment With Infographics

A majority of us has been taught that the only thing that belongs on your resume is black text. As the business world grows more digital, companies have a growing appreciation for the creative job candidate. Change it up a little! If you have graphic design talent and experience, take advantage of those skills. If you don’t, we’ll help you get started! This is a unique way to showcase your abilities, while making your accomplishments stand out in an entirely new way. Sifting through a pile of papers can get mundane, so take the opportunity to map out your qualifications with sharp infographics!

Get (A Little) Crazy With Color

Mixing color can be a hit or miss in general, but this can seem even more taboo when we’ve been discouraged from adding an ounce of imagination to such a professional document. Just because you stray a bit from monochromatic hues doesn’t mean you need to go full-on rainbows and glitter. Try a neutral palette with a bright accent, or play with pastels!

Switch Up The Orientation

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to stand out, try putting a literal twist on your resume! Moving from portrait to landscape is an unexpected but refreshing spin that your future employer may appreciate. This slight change in how you lead the eye down the page makes your content stand out and helps to keep your reader’s attention!

A Two Pager?

Okay, okay…we know that a two-page resume is often considered the number one no-no in the professional world. Luckily for you, many employers consider that an outdated rule. Taking advantage of some extra space allows you to get a bit more creative with formatting, and generally makes your resume ten times easier to read (because seriously…who likes squinting at tiny, squeezed-together print?). If you need some extra space, don’t be afraid to use it. Just make sure you’re not using a small fraction of the second page, and leaving a bunch of white space at the bottom. If you’re gonna do it, own it! There’s no point in having a second page if it’s just a bunch of fluff, so make your content count. This is likely your interviewer’s first impression of you, so put your best foot forward!

The Full Package

There’s more to a stellar first impression than a piece of paper. While your personality is really going to shine through in your interview, why not get started on the right foot by making your resume as much of a full package as you are? Consider investing in matching envelopes and business cards (so your employer can have a pocketable version of you!). If you don’t feel like shelling out the extra cash for custom matching stationery, find a color palette or pattern that you feel comfortable using consistently as a way of building your personal brand. Coordination is key, so make sure your business cards & envelopes visually complement your shiny new resume!