Essential Photo Shots To Get On Your Next Vacation

Essential Photo Shots To Take On Your Next Vacation - Bloguettes


Meet Julia! Our marketing intern is a super travel junkie, and her Instagram proves it! As a bit of a pro at nailing the perfect social media snapshot, we figured she’d be the perfect person to share all her tips and tricks on stepping up your photography game. So, pull out your DSLRs and read up on Julia’s 5 essential photo shots to get on your next trip!

Getting On Or Off The Plane

Half of the adventure is getting to your destination, so why not show it off? A shot of you walking on or off of a plane (or any other mode of transportation) provides the perfect gateway to take your posts from day-to-day life to vacation mode. This clever transition also gets your followers inquiring about where you’re headed, and makes a great opportunity to engage with your audience! Getting them involved from the start will likely boost your social media following throughout the rest of your journey, and attract more buzz to your posts! It’s also a great technique to kick-start keeping track of your adventure, and getting you in the habit of taking photos along the way!


Rising early to take in the sunrise may not seem like the most endearing way to start off the work week, but you may be more motivated in an exotic location with a clear schedule! While starting off your day, appreciating the beauty of nature is sure to put you in good spirits. Not to mention, your audience is sure to appreciate it just as much. Not only do these type of nature shots capture the beauty of your unique location, but the beautiful colors found in any sunrise or sunset will add a pop to your Instagram profile. Better yet, if you’d prefer to appreciate the beauty of sleep over an early morning, sunsets are just as beautiful! Mother Nature really hooked us up with this one.

Favorite Meal

I love taking photos of my favorite meals because I truly love food! Vacation food tends to seem even more wonderful than our day-to-day munchie runs, and what’s better than being able to relive it through a picture? Whether you’re exploring a hole-in-the-wall pizza parlor in New York City or indulging in some fresh fruit on a Caribbean shoreline, you won’t regret capturing your unforgettable first bite. We don’t always take the time to appreciate all the effort that goes into a good meal, but traveling presents a perfect opportunity to be grateful for the little things!

Favorite Adventure

Vacations are all about making memories. After all, if you aren’t doing something out of the ordinary, what’s the point in investing in a trip? Capturing your favorite adventure is a great way to keep a balance between maximizing your time in a foreign place, and giving yourself enough to look back on later! It’s not every day we have the opportunity to go ziplining or explore ancient cities, so take advantage of it!

Walking Away From The Camera (Show Off The Location!)

This type of photo is a great way to capture your reaction to being in the place you’re in. It’s natural to feel awestruck and curious when in entirely new (not to mention beautiful) surroundings, so don’t be afraid to expose that side of yourself! Your followers are sure to relate, and it shows a very real side of who you are. This style of shot also allows you to toy around with perspective, and gives you a chance to play up the astounding atmosphere!

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