Establishing Your Voice On Social Media

Establishing Your Voice on Social Media - Bloguettes


When you think of brands who kill it on social media, there’s a high chance you think of the one and only Taco Bell. Brands have strived to emulate the Bell’s crazy-loyal social media following and we have to admit that we have joined in on the admiration. In fact, a certain staff member of ours may or may not have done an entire case study on Taco Bell’s social media success for her senior thesis (#noshame).

But what really makes Taco Bell so successful? Their voice. Taco Bell is consistent in their humor, their wit, and above all, their creativity.

While your brand’s voice might not fit into the same category as Taco Bell, you can still learn how to make your brand’s voice stand out from the rest and attract followers far and wide! Use these tips when trying to find your voice on social media.

Define Your Culture

Take a step back for a minute. What does your company stand for? What does it aim to do? What’s your company culture like? Is there a community built around your brand? What does your brand care about? Take all of the answers to these questions into consideration when trying to define your voice. At Bloguettes, our culture is relaxed, so we give off a casual vibe in our social media voice.

Describe Your Brand Voice In Two Words

To get down to the nitty-gritty, you need to be able to describe your voice in two words. Being able to define your voice so clearly will make it easier for your social media managers (or other brands you work with) to get a better feel for what your brand aims to do on social media. At Bloguettes, our voice is often witty and informational. Consider these voices when choosing yours:

  • Informal
  • Humorous
  • Authentic
  • Informational & Educational
  • Professional
  • Witty
  • Inspirational
  • Passionate
  • Quirky

Use Your Natural Voice

Remember all those hours you spent reading boring textbooks in college? Wouldn’t all of that information be so much more digestible if it was written like a friend was explaining it to you? Adopt this way of thinking when composing your social media voice. When typing out a post, act like you’re speaking to a friend in a coffee shop. This makes your content so much more digestible.

Meet With Your Team

Once you’ve found your voice, stick to it. Set consistent standards for anyone & everyone who writes for any part of your brand. Whether they compose your email blasts, social media posts, or product descriptions on your website, they need to know what your voice is. Ensuring that the voice transcends all aspects of the company’s communication is key to growing your audience!

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